This browser extension blocks YouTube sponsored ads

You can get away from the advertisements that Google forces down our throats when watching YouTube videos by using an ad blocker.It’s clear that Google disapproves of the practice, and I’ve already demonstrated why advertisements are essential to the YouTube experience.

Ad blockers won’t, however, get rid of one particular kind of advertisement. the product placement or sponsored advertisements that content creators include in their films. This is an additional means of channel monetization for content creators. Additionally, Google recently disclosed that YouTubers use time-stamped product advertisements in their videos to boost revenue.

There’s nothing wrong with this kind of product placement, as I’ve already stated. Unlike other ads that Google shows, this one might feature things that you want to use, as promoted by your favorite creators. However, it turns out that there is an other method for blocking YouTube sponsored adverts, and it involves using a browser extension.

Discovered by Lifehacker, the SponsorBlock add-on functions with the majority of browsers. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge (as well as more Chrome versions) are on the list.

The open-source plugin incorporates data from crowdsourcing to function. Actually, users of YouTube upload skip portions to the website. These are the parts in a video where the producer advertises a good or service. Over 15 million skip parts have been contributed by users, according to SponsorBlock.

As of the time of writing, the Sponsor Block website read 13,033,165 users have contributed 15,054,832 skip segments, saving a total of 1885 years and 16.23 days of people’s lives.

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The sponsored content will appear in green once you enable the addon in your browser. You have the option to manually jump to the end of the product placement part, or the video will automatically skip over it. According to the inventor, the plugin automatically skips the portions using a privacy-preserving query method.

It is possible to turn off automatic skipping in the extension’s settings. Alternatively, you might include YouTube intros and outros in the list of video portions you should stay away from. Additionally, you can add to the list of skip portions for videos when the extension isn’t yet functional by using the same extension.

Once more, before the extension can prevent the sponsored adverts, regular YouTube users must recognize them. A leaderboard on SponsorBlock allows you to monitor the most active users.

SponsorBlock may also function in third-party Android, iPhone, and Android TV apps in addition to the browser.

That being said, you are free to choose how you want to view YouTube and which adverts to accept. But never forget that artists need to earn a living. And part of that are advertisements, be they product placement or Google adverts. When installing browser extensions, make sure you only ever get them from the official stores.

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