Unveiling ‘The Other Zoey’: Release Date and Details on Netflix’s Latest Show

Three well-known Netflix stars have teamed up on a new love comedy. The exciting new romantic comedy The Other Zoey comes out this fall and stars After star Josephine Langford, Outer Banks star Drew Starkey, and Shadow and Bone star Archie Renaux.

Langford plays Zoey Miller, a very smart student whose life gets a lot more confusing when Zach MacLaren (Starkey), the soccer star at her school, loses his memory and thinks she is his girlfriend, who is also named Zoey. When Zoey seems to like Zach’s cousin Miles (Renaux), things get even more confusing.

Will Netflix users be able to watch the movie on Netflix, since it has three Netflix stars? Fans should know about the movie’s stars, how much it looks like a classic rom-com, its trailer, and a lot more!

The Other Zoey cast

In The Other Zoey, Josephine Langford plays Zoey Miller, and Drew Starkey and Archie Renaux play the male characters. There are also a lot of familiar faces and some new ones in supporting parts in the movie. Check out the whole cast!

Zoey Miller is played by Josephine Langford
This is Drew Starkey as Zach MacLaren.
In the role of Miles, Archie Renaux plays Mallori Johnson.
Matthew MacLaren played by Patrick Fabian
Heather Graham as Miller Paula
Connie MacLaren is played by Andie MacDowell.
Zoey Wallace voiced by Maggie Thurmon
Diego, played by Jorge López
Mary Gabriella Saraivah
Idol Amalia Yoo as Becca

Is The Other Zoey based on While You Were Sleeping?

Even though The Other Zoey’s plot looks a lot like the plot of the 1995 romantic comedy While You Were Sleeping, which starred Sandra Bullock, Bill Pullman, and Peter Gallagher, it doesn’t look like a straight remake. A love triangle mix-up in the movie’s plot, on the other hand, seems to nod to the idea behind the class rom-com.

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Will The Other Zoey be on Netflix?

The movie’s clip came out in September, but it hasn’t been set to come out on Netflix yet. It’s possible that the movie will be released at a different time in the future, so we might still add it to our watch lists. Hope everything goes well!

Watch the After movies, Outer Banks, and Shadow and Bone if you want to see more with the movie’s stars. Get ready to laugh out loud with movies like Love at First Sight, Choose Love, Look Both Ways, and A Tourist’s Guide to Love.

Places to watch The Other Zoey

The Other Zoey will only be shown in a few places on Friday, October 20, and it will be available on video-on-demand services on Friday, November 10. Amazon Prime Video will let people around the world, like those in the UK and Australia, watch the movie on Oct. 20. Since this is the case, the movie will probably soon be available on Prime Video in the US as well.

Watch the movie’s official trailer below!

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