The Latest Telegram Voice Chat Update Allows Unlimited Participants

There are currently no limits on how many people can use the feature. Along with other things, the voice chats include invite links for presenters and listeners as well as voice chat titles.

Users of Telegram can continue listening to audio communications from where they left off, eliminating the need to shuffle and match earlier time periods.

The Telegram messenger just released Voice Chats 2.0, which has a wealth of options for holding live voice chat sessions in Channels for an infinite number of participants.

The upgrade comes as services like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces are becoming more well-liked among users. Users of Telegram will be able to record voice chats, delete, or alter a message that has been forwarded.

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The Latest Telegram Voice Chat Update Allows Unlimited Participants

1. The Administrator Can Now Record Chats for Users.

Administrators of public groups and channels can now host audio chats for millions of viewers. Additionally, administrators have the option to record live voice chat conversations, and immediately following the session, the audio file will be saved in their “Saved Messages” box.

Other members who were unable to attend the live event can receive the recording. A red light located directly next to the title of the voice chat will let all participants know if a talk is being recorded or not.

2. Query Section

Listeners can signal to the moderators whether they want to talk in a live chat session where everyone is muted by raising their hands. Admins can now quickly identify attendees by viewing their bios. Users can see the topic of conversation before they join a voice chat by using the optional titles that are available.

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3. User Privacy

The Latest Telegram Voice Chat Update Allows Unlimited Participants

It is not necessary for a public figure to use their personal Telegram accounts for these voice chats. Instead, the public figure can conduct the voice chats with the aid of a channel, maintaining your privacy in the process.

Telegram offers capabilities including the option to change the receiver of a message, cancel forwarding, and listen to voicemails from the previous user.

4. A Link-Creating Option

On a voice chat session, users can create different connections for speakers and listeners so that administrators can manage the lists with ease. Other groups may also share these links.

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