The Benefits of Using DSI® Kanban

For businesses that need to operate manufacturing or assembly lines, materials need to be replenished promptly and efficiently to avoid downtimes, delays, and work stoppages. To solve these challenges, manufacturers require item replenishment processes which ensure that they have access to the state, location, and authenticity of their inventory no matter where it is. .   
DSI® created Kanban for Oracle SCM Cloud to address this exact issue. This mobile replenishment app allows operators to automate materials delivery to manufacturing work centers for just-in-time delivery. 

Kanban Replenishment automates data capture and delivery to:

  • Mobile applications 
  • Improve mobile pick speed and accuracy
  • Improve cost control
  • Real-time view of inventory movement from pick to delivery
  • Track how much waste your organization actually has
  • Shorten lead times and reduce inventory on hand
  • Inter organization fulfillment from warehouse to production work center
  • Increase internal warehouse fulfillment efficiency and productivity 
  •  Just-in-time delivery of inventory to work centers 
  •  Improve pick speed and accuracy 
  •  Supplier fulfillment from supplier to warehouse then work center 
  •  Automate outside supplier fulfillment requests 
  •  On-line requisitions can be generated for supplier sourced inventory items  

What is Kanban?

Kanban is an inventory replenishment application that facilitates accurate, timely communication between warehouses and work centers, ensuring that needed materials are delivered on time and replenished only as needed based on demand. The application makes it possible for manufacturers to track inventory levels and movement in real time from pick to delivery, creating efficiency and allowing businesses to stay lean while meeting their most unique challenges.

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What Sets Kanban Apart

Kanban is designed to shorten lead times and reduce inventory levels at every stage of the process. It pulls inventory and delivers materials when signaled by work centers based on electronic Kanban cards that track replenishment needs. This allows manufacturers to reduce inventory, storage, and maintenance costs, replenishing only the materials being used in order to keep operations as lean as possible.
Kanban replenishment solutions are easily implemented with Oracle SCM Cloud. Using Oracle SCM Cloud subinventory and locations, it displays production usage in real-time and complies with a warehouse’s replenishment rules in order to manage additional stock. When card items are provided by suppliers, Kanban can ensure items are purchased based on rules set in Oracle SCM Cloud. 

The Power To Be Flexible

DSI Kanban for Oracle SCM Cloud is designed to meet the specific needs of manufacturing organizations. It supports FEFO, fixed picking options, and has the ability to be configured using totes, virtual cards, barcoded cards, and physical bins as needed. Users can set priority based on subinventory or organization, and picking can be prioritized across subinventories by the app itself. 

Why Oracle SCM Cloud?

Kanban works with Oracle SCM Cloud to speed up material replenishment processes, as well as to improve overall visibility. It automates movement requests, establishes picking records, and allows for easy, accurate tracking, keeping businesses accountable throughout the entire manufacturing process. 

Why Kanban?

Kanban for Oracle SCM Cloud helps manufacturers improve their productivity, optimize their inventories, improve compliance processes, and generate more revenue. It is a highly configurable solution that provides automation where needed in the inventory scheduling process.  This makes Kanban the logical choice for manufacturers who want to eliminate inefficiencies from their workflows, reduce costs without compromising customer experiences or output, and promptly address consumer needs through highly efficient, extremely lean manufacturing. 
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