The 5 Best Free Methods to Download Music from YouTube as MP3!

When you need to listen to music while on the go but can’t because you don’t have access to Wi-Fi, what do you do? By simply converting your YouTube videos to MP3, you now have a foolproof method for watching your favorite music videos, interviews, and other YouTube content without an internet connection.

In this article, we’ll show you five different approaches to converting your YouTube videos to MP3. As a result of this lesson, you’ll be able to:

YouTube prohibits users from downloading videos and altering them in any way without the original uploader’s consent. It’s always a good idea to make sure the copyright holder is okay with YouTube downloads before you try to grab a movie, song, or podcast. If you’re exploiting these clips for profit, it’s only fair to provide credit where credit is due.

1. Convert YouTube Video To Mp3 Using MyConverters is a great option if you need a trustworthy online service to convert your videos from YouTube to Mp3 for long-term listening. Download music videos or podcasts from YouTube to play on your MP3 player whenever you want. Follow these steps to use Myconverters to turn your favorite YouTube clips into mp3s.

Access as the first step. Simply paste the YouTube URL into the box, and the video/song will be converted and made available for download in mp3 format. Choose the “Convert” option.

Secondly, select the “Audio” tab and then the “Download” button if you want to only download the audio (such as an audiobook, podcast, or song). The time it takes to download will vary depending on the size of the file and your connection speed.

Third, a window will automatically open up to let you know when the download is complete. To save the file to your computer, click the “Download” button now.

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Downloads from Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Soundcloud, and more are all possible with this free YouTube to mp3 converter.

2. Convert YouTube Video To Mp3 Using 320YTmp3

Download high-quality music videos from YouTube with 320YTmp3, an easy-to-use YouTube converter. Follow these steps to convert your favorite YouTube videos to mp3 with 320YTmp3.

The first thing you need to do is visit the 320YTmp3 website. Simply paste the YouTube URL into the box, and the video/song will be converted and made available for download in mp3 format. Simply click the “Search” button.

In the second stage, the MP3 download choices will appear instantly. Choose your desired download rate by clicking the drop-down menu. Better download speeds are possible with a strong wireless connection. If you’re not comfortable with the higher speed, continue with the 64 kbps option. Initiate conversion after choosing download speed.

Third, depending on the size of the original video, the MP3 conversion process could take some time. The “Download” button becomes available when the video has been converted, and you can use it to save the file to your computer.

Step 4: Choose the “Audio” tab, then click the “Download” button next to the audio format you want to save your video as (webm or m4a, for example).

3. Convert YouTube Video to Mp3 Using Mp3 Download

Mp3Download is the best way to convert videos from YouTube to mp3.

You can easily and quickly convert any YouTube video into an MP3 using MP3 Download. Don’t try to use it with SoundCloud or any other URL; it only works with YouTube. You can use turn your favorite YouTube videos into mp3s, and we’ll show you how.

Start by visiting Simply copy the URL of the YouTube video or audio track you wish to convert and click the “Search” button.

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Click the “Download” button next to the file size you want to download. Choose either the 1.09 MB or 2.19 MB files if you need them to fit on your hard drive without taking up too much room. Instead, you can get the best quality image you can find.

Step 3: Although the name suggests otherwise, this service also supports converting to other audio formats, including WAV and FLAC. To do this, go to the tab labeled “Audio,” pick the format you’d like to save your audio in, and then hit the “Download” button.

Fourth, when the file has finished processing, a window will appear asking if you want to download it. To save the document to your computer, click the “Download Now” option.

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4. Convert YouTube Video To Mp3 UsingYTMp3

YTMp3 offers a clean and straightforward interface, making it one of the most user-friendly mp3 converters available online. Using this mp3 converter is a no-cost way to get your 90-minute movie file into audio format. Learn how to use YTMp3 to transform your favorite YouTube clips into mp3s.

Access YTMp3 first. Click the blue button labeled “Mp3” in the box that appears. The white area is where you should paste the YouTube URL for the video you wish to save as an mp3. Then, select the “Convert” option.

Second, after selecting “Download,” your converted mp3 file will begin downloading.

5. Convert YouTube Video to Mp3 Using a Free YouTube to Mp3 Converter

Convert YouTube Video to Mp3

You may be limited in your ability to download mp3 videos in bulk, as well as audio files and song playlists while using an online mp3 converter. Installing a program that can convert files to an MP3 format or download videos is a good idea here. This is the best YouTube to MP3 converter out there because of how fast and adaptable it is. Here’s how to use Any Video Converter to turn your YouTube videos into mp3s.

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To begin, visit Any DVDVideoSoft and hit the “Download” button. This mp3 converter is available for both Windows and Mac users.

Second, after downloading the converter, install it and run it. To do so, simply copy the YouTube URL from the address bar and paste it into your mp3 converter’s “Paste” field.

In the third step, the audio from your YouTube clip will be downloaded as an MP3 file. If you’d like to save the converted mp3 file, click the “Download” button.

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Summing Up

So, there you have it, five simple ways to make an mp3 file out of a video on YouTube. The final step is to change your music library and podcasts to MP3 format so you may listen to them without an internet connection. This illustrated instruction will show you how to save videos from YouTube in MP4 format, so you may watch them whenever you choose.

With the online editor provided by InVideo, you may quickly and easily merge your downloaded track with your own video. Before sharing it online, check for copyright violations to make sure you can legally do so.

Check out InVideo’s channel on YouTube for more helpful hints and shortcuts for making and editing videos. Visit the InVideo community, where you’ll find 25K other marketers and video creators just like you if you have any queries or want to carry the topic further.

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