TAP Wearable keyboard

We have seen some weird keyboards before but this is different. This is a TAP, it is a wearable keyboard. It is a technology that turns your hands into a digital interface for all kinds of inputs. From typing to gaming, performing gestures etc. It is a wearable keyboard and its worn like a brass knuckle.

It connects over bluetooth and it has a small battery which can last up to 8hrs of use. It uses five accelerometer sensors on each finger to detect movement of the fingers. The sensors together or individually send input into the connected device for typing. It can connect to any device which can connect to a keyboard via Bluetooth from desktops to phone.
The device comes with games and practice software to help you grasp the gestures for typing.

The sensors also allow Tap to judge your hand’s movement in space and therefore work as a sort of mouse or VR controller. It can be used to play games and even music, any finger combinations can be a note.

This is innovative but its not realy a good idea to me. Here’s my argument.

It looks a little stupid.

You lose some of the utility of your tapping hand, because now yourfingers are all hooked together.

None of your considerable effort in learning to touch type will help you with this new set of motions.

No matter how good you get at tapping, it’s unlikely you’ll ever type as fast as ten fingers on a physical keyboard.

I don’t see “normal” people going in for this tech

Its expensive. It sells at $149.99

All that aside, I am excited to see something like this and its fun to use.

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