Some Whats App Users Will Soon Have the Option to Delete Their Status Updates

WhatsApp is currently developing a plethora of features intended to improve the app overall. Reversible status updates were reportedly being tested by WhatsApp with its beta users. This implies that from now on, whenever a user publishes a status on WhatsApp, they will also be given the opportunity to delete it. It was discovered on the iOS beta app but has not yet been made available to users of the stable version of the app.

Wabetainfo reports that the feature to delete status updates was added to the beta version of WhatsApp. With this function, you can easily remove a status update that you posted inadvertently. If you post a status update in haste or by accident, you can currently erase it by tapping the three dots.

Once the undo function is released, however, you can easily delete messages you’ve sent. Like Instagram Stories, which only last for 24 hours, WhatsApp Status only exists for that period of time. Only those who are added to your contact list will be able to see your status update.

Some Whats App Users Will Soon Have the Option to Delete Their Status Update

In addition to addressing problems with new status updates, WhatsApp has included the ability to undo them. The feature is currently accessible to beta testers on iOS, but only on iOS devices. Users will need to upgrade to the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS to access the new feature.

If you click the “Undo” button immediately after posting a status update, it will cause the update to be removed from everyone’s feeds. If you accidentally share something online and immediately regret it, you can utilize this shortcut to remove it.

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Currently, this capability is offered to select iOS beta users. A lack of availability indicates that the feature has not yet been rolled out to your WhatsApp account; subsequent beta releases may make the functionality available for your account.

In addition, WhatsApp is looking at the option of enabling speedy sticker forwarding. A new button has apparently been added to WhatsApp’s sticker section, making it easier for users to share stickers with others. In the conversation thread, the forward shortcut will show up next to the sticker.

You may just press the quick link and send it to anyone in your address book. Once the update is released, users will no longer need to tap and hold the sticker before sending it to their friends and family.

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