Lost Your Snap Streak? How to Bring It Back in the App (2023 Method)

The number of days in a row that you and a certain Snapchat friend have sent and received Snaps is known as your “Snapstreak” It takes the form of a fire emoji and a number denoting the total number of days you and your friend have been Snapchatting.

If the Snapstreak is not maintained by sending a message within 24 hours, the emoji will be deleted. But, app crashes or other malfunctions could cause it to vanish. Follow these simple instructions to restore your Snapchat Streak from the Snapchat Help Center.

How to Recover Your Lost Snapstreak

Lost Snapstreak

Even the longest streaks can be lost due to faults and mishaps, which Snapchat understands are out of our hands. To show appreciation for loyal Snapchat users, the company developed a means for them to get their Snap Streak restored simply by contacting customer support.

If you’ve misplaced your Snapstreak, you may get it back with the use of your smartphone or computer. Both iPhone and Android users can follow these directions using their mobile devices. Just do what I say:

Get Snapchat going on your mobile device.

  • Click on your profile picture at the top left.
  • Use the cog symbol (top right) to access the preferences.
  • Find the Support section and click the Need Assistance link.
  • Click the Send button when you’re done.

Make sure to give Snapchat as much information as possible in your report. Provide the length of your Snapstreak if you and your friend can recall it. It would also be good to include the date on which the streak ended if you know it. Instead, you can say that you just updated and that’s when the problem started happening.

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If you’ve seen the timer next to your Snapstreak (represented by a sand timer icon or emoji), you can indicate as much on a different line of the form. This is the most crucial question that needs answering. Snapchat will not restore your streak if they determine that one of you just forgot to send a Snap.

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How to Prevent Lost Snapchat Streaks

lost my Snapstreak

While Snapchat’s customer service team can assist you in regaining your streak, they will not do so if you continue to file reports on a daily basis. It’s best to stick to Snapchat’s guidelines if you don’t want to see your Snap Streaks with your closest pals stop.

A Snapstreak can only be maintained if both Snapchatters (not just one) exchange Snaps within a 24-hour period. Keep in mind that Snaps delivered with the Snapchat Memories or Snapchat Spectacles capabilities will not add to your Snapstreak.

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Snapchat Streak Lost? What Else Can You Do?

When submitting the request to get a lost Snapstreak restored, Snapchat users are left with little choice except to wait for assistance from the company’s Support team. As the issue of missing Snapstreaks isn’t the most pressing, it may be some time before a representative of this social media platform gets around to looking into your case. Start a new streak with your friend to try to beat the one you just lost if you can’t stand to wait.

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