The Process of Using Side Quest to Unlock Your Meta Quest Can Be Completed in A Single Weekend

I recently made up my mind that I was going to do whatever it takes to get custom Beat Saber tunes playing on my Meta Quest 2. The free software I ended up using, SideQuest, just required an hour or two of fiddling to get going, making it the ideal weekend activity.

SideQuest is not only handy for tweaking Beat Saber, but also for sideloading user-created games and experiences and customizing the Quest home environment used as a backdrop for the system menus and app selector. If you’re interested in learning more about how to use SideQuest to transfer apps to your headphones, keep reading!

Inserting Side Quest

Starting off, you’ll need to download and install SideQuest onto your computer. It all starts with a visit to the website, where you can grab either the Simple or the Advanced installation, depending on your level of expertise.

During installation, I opted for the Advanced version because I incorrectly believed that it was necessary to install a manually downloaded APK app file in order to make changes to Beat Saber, and the Easy version does not provide this option. If you’re not sure whether or not you’ll need to instal software files or games from a PC (which we’ll cover later), then I recommend going with the Easy option.

Nonetheless, both editions have installation guides that make it easy to add SideQuest to your Quest. Take the Easy route if all you want to do is manage your library while wearing your headphones.

SideQuest can be launched once it has been downloaded, installed, and activated. If the method of installing SideQuest onto your headset changes, the updated instructions will be included in both versions. But these are the measures that I took.

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Learn how To Set up Your Development Environment


In order to use SideQuest, your current Quest must be in developer mode. First things first, you need to sign up for a Meta developer account.

In order to sign up for an Oculus account, please visit, follow the instructions there, and then hit the Sign Up button.

  • Follow the prompts to sign in to your Facebook, Meta, or Oculus account associated with your headset.
  • Set up a group under any name you wish from there.
  • The next phase is entering “development mode” on your Quest.
  • The simplest method is to open the Quest app on your phone, select Menu, and then select Devices.
  • The Headset Settings can be accessed after selecting your Quest.

To Enable Developer Mode, Navigate to Settings > About > Developers

A USB cable can now be used to link your Quest to your computer, allowing you to turn it on (if it isn’t already). Momentarily turning it on is required for two prompts: the first will ask whether you want to enable USB debugging, and the second will ask if you want to enable data transfer. If you want to permit both, click Allow.

Adding the Side Quest Add-On to Your Quest

After enabling debugging in the SideQuest Advanced version, the PC client should be able to instal programmes. On the other hand, a SideQuest headset version can be installed if you’d rather instal them without ever taking off your headset.

Once you’ve created a developer account and enabled debugging, the SideQuest client will suggest you instal the headset version. (If not, it will tell you what else you need to do to prepare for your Quest.) With the tap of an Install button, the app will be sent to your headphones.

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Keep in mind that you’ll need to connect a SideQuest account in order to utilise the headset app. You can create an account on our site, and then link your Quest by launching SideQuest and following the on-screen prompts. You may now instal apps directly into the headset or onto your computer.

Accessing App Stores via Side Quest

The games in SideQuest’s shop come from a number of different places, including Oculus’ App Lab and From the SideQuest user interface, you can access a variety of app stores from which you can select and instal programs on your Quest.

It’s simple to instal a sideloaded programme from the PC app; all you need to do is hook up your headset and hit the Download app (sideload) button. SideQuest will get it for you and set it up on your headset.

The SideQuest app on your headset is the best way to browse the Oculus App Lab and instal any applications that catch your eye.

Check the App Library’s Dropdown Menu (it Should Say All) in The Upper Right Corner

To instal SideQuest or any of the other apps you’ve sideloaded, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and tap the toggle. However, App Lab games will be accessible on the home screen once installed.

The games in the App Lab can be downloaded by clicking the Download app (Oculus) button. You’ll be taken to the game’s page in the Quest Store, where you may download and install it in the usual way.

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Sideloaded apps can be installed directly from your headset, albeit the very first time you do this, you’ll probably have to provide SideQuest access to instal programs.

Have a Good Time


Now that you have SideQuest and can use it to transfer other games and programs to your Quest, you should play some of the best titles available.

If you want to do what I did and play your music in Beat Saber, you’ll need to downgrade the game’s version on your headset, which is quite an involved process. I suggest using the Beat Saber Modding Group Wiki as your guide; it should address any issues you have and is frequently updated.

Finally, keep in mind that the Quest’s operating system and hardware still place some constraints, despite the many doors that SideQuest opens. The primary reason I purchased a Quest was to use it for playing PC games, and you can do the same by following our instructions for setting up a wireless connection between your computer and your headset. Alternatively, you may watch the video we’ve embedded below to learn more about the unique capabilities and accessories of the Quest.

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