Season 19 Week 8 Royale Pass Mission PUBG Mobile Explained

The Royale Pass is one of the best ways to acquire in-game items, including skins, emotes, and outfits, in PUBG Mobile. Players need to complete daily and weekly challenge missions to earn RP points and progress through the pass.

The PUBG Mobile Season 17 Week 8 weekly challenge missions have been unlocked for players who have purchased the Royale Pass EZ Missions License.

The end of the season is finally here. PUBG Mobile Season 19 Week 8 RP missions list is live for EZ Mission License holders, with a general release set for the first full week of July. The challenges below aren’t the most taxing we’ve seen, but they’re certainly varied. Read on to find out how to quickly clear the lot.

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PUBG Mobile Season 19 Week 8 RP Missions – Free Mission List

Pick up Spetznaz Helmet (lv. 3) in 15 Matches in Classic Mode

The PUBG Mobile Spetsnaz Helmet is a rare sight indeed, but it’s not impossible to find. It’s found exclusively in airdrops. The helmet shows up on any map, however, so you’re free to choose your preferred Classic map when trying to complete this mission.

The challenge here is looting an airdrop. Either use vehicles and smoke bombs to get in fast and without being seen, or pick off each and every enemy that attempts to loot it before you.

It’s worth noting that looting a Spetsnaz Helmet from a fallen enemy works as well. The longer you survive, the better chance you have of finding one in a death box.

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Choice Mission 1

  • Kill 20 enemies with Assault Rifles in Sahmee (Sanhok) in Classic mode.
    • This tiny town is more suited to SMGs than ARs. Steer clear of the open courtyard to the north. Use a dot sight and make sure you’re on full auto.
  • Kill 20 enemies with Assault Rifles in Pochinki (Erangel) in Classic mode.
    • Pochinki features a long main road that’s perfect for AR fights. Watch nearby corners, though. Get baited into the alleyways and SMGs will shred you.
  • (Recommended) Kill 20 enemies with Assault Rifles in San Martin (Miramar) in Classic mode.
    • With three connected main roads and buildings spaced far apart, an AR with a 2-4x scope will work perfectly here. The M16A4 is a good pick but refer to our best PUBG Mobile AR tier list for other options.

Choice Mission 2

  • Kill 6 enemies with the M1014 Shotgun in Classic mode.
    • In Classic mode, Livik is probably where you want to attempt this mission. Close-quarters combat is far more likely there, giving SMGs and shotguns the upper edge.
  • (Recommended) Kill 15 enemies with M16A4 in Arena mode.
    • The M1014 ranked high in our PUBG Mobile shotgun tier list. It’s a direct upgrade over older pump-action shotguns. In Arena, Warehouse is where it shines.

Pick up Stock in 20 matches in Classic mode.

This is the easy, generic mission of the PUBG Mobile Season 19 Week 8 missions list.

Whichever weapon you happen to be using, a stock is a vital piece of equipment. It allows the gun to rest well against your body, turning you into a human recoil reduction machine.

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You absorb the kick and vibrations that cause recoil and weapon sway, meaning the stock can dramatically increase your ability to stay on target as you unload the clip.

You can find a stock in PUBG Mobile more or less anywhere. This will happen naturally. And if you don’t need it, just drop it.

PUBG Mobile Season 19 Week 8 RP Missions – Elite Mission List

The armored UAZ in PUBG.

Choice Mission 3

  • Travel more than 4000m while operating a specific vehicle (AirDrop Armored Vehicle) in Classic Mode.
    • This means the coveted Armored UAZ. To get this, you need to fire a flare gun while outside of the safe zone. It’s a high-risk reward that will get you out of the ring fast and protect you from fire as you approach your final location.
  • (Recommended) Travel more than 1500m while operating a specific vehicle (Jet Ski) in Classic mode.
    • The PUBG Mobile Jet Ski isn’t too difficult to find. One great place is the water south of Georopol in Pochinki. It’s easy to travel long distances in these, too. Just go out to sea.
  • Travel more than 4000m while operating a specific vehicle (Monster Truck) in Classic mode.
    • The PUBG Mobile Monster Truck can only be found in Livia. It’s a rare vehicle, but you should find it in key outposts and villages.

Choice Mission 4

  • (Recommended) Kill 15 enemies with Vector in Classic mode.
    • The Vector is one of the most powerful SMGs around. As such, you’ll probably want to head to Livik to clear this one. They’re easier to find and are rarely outclassed.
  • Eliminate 180 enemies with Vector in Arena.
    • In arena mode, the Vector performs exceptionally well on the Warehouse map. Take it there and you’ll get your 180 kills…eventually.
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Use Medkit 8 times in Classic mode.

Medkits circumvent the HP limits of things like bandages. Although they take considerably longer to use, they’ll fully heal you: even above the typical 70% limit.

They’re essential pieces of survival equipment and should be grabbed whenever found. This mission is just designed to teach you that.

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In Classic mode, eliminate players with the Pan 5 times as a Squad.

Now, this is one of the harder PUBG Mobile Season 19 Week 8 challenges.

While the pan can inflict heavy damage and deflect bullets in the right situation, getting close enough to use one still incurs high risk.

As a squad, though, you’ll clear this mission so long as someone in your group performs the action. It doesn’t have to be you.

Either way, sneak attacks are the way forward. But having the pan warrior charge at a player who’s under fire from the rest of the team can certainly get the job done, too.

As for how to find the pan in PUBG Mobile, it’s an uncommon melee weapon that can theoretically be found anywhere.

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