Recruitment CRM software – built for every kind of recruitment business

Are you looking for the best software for recruitment agencies? The right kind of recruitment CRM software that can help you track applicants, keep your candidate database organised, generate clear reports, and is more than just an ATS!
You need an all-in-one recruitment software that can help you stay organised, boost your teamwork, and support you in producing the best results. Whether you own a recruitment start-up or you are employed by a big recruitment agency, some software features are highly essential.
Decision-makers, who are responsible for finding the best recruitment CRM, must ensure that the final list of the software vendors offers these services.

  • Cloud-based 

Remote working or working from home is remarkably prevalent these days. Consequently, recruitment agencies should have a cloud-based software service as a mandatory feature. This kind of recruitment software facilitates recruiters and their team members to work seamlessly from anywhere. Cloud-based CRM recruitment boosts team collaboration despite everyone being at separate locations. Sharing documents, exchanging data and discussing projects is easy and quick.
With everything being stored on the cloud, agencies are not required to purchase physical storage. The service provider takes the responsibility of data security as well as regular maintenance and updates. This is an especially great option for small start-ups or a one-person recruitment agency who do not need or want the hassle of acquiring and maintaining a physical server. They can enjoy the benefits of a great recruitment software system without carrying onus or the cost of the usual upkeep.

  • SaaS-based

The advantage of SaaS or software as a service is that it allows its users to pay monthly or annually for its services as they deem fit. Agencies are not buying the software. Rather, they are paying to use it till the time they want to. This makes SaaS recruitment software usually more affordable than traditional software. 
The other benefit of using SaaS is the scalability factor. Recruiters can purchase a license for one and then scale up to include as many users as they like if the business requires it. Similarly, big recruitment agencies can cut down their usage and scale back if the business demands it. This flexibility makes SaaS very appealing for every kind of business.

  • Compliance 
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Recruitment CRM software is no longer just about serving candidate recruitment database needs. It has expanded to include support in pay and bill services as well as compliance. Every recruiter is responsible for ensuring that the candidates they put forward meet every legal requirement. For instance, the right-to-work checks are mandatory, and recruiters need to assess the documents carefully. Now it’s also compulsory to ensure GDPR and IR35 checks.
Recruitment CRM platform supports agencies by making the work easier for recruiters. Not everyone is armed with legal knowledge. In fact, it can be quite complex and challenging to understand every bit of the intricate data about right-to-work checks, GDPR, and IR35. But a single error can be costly. Thus, recruiters find that working with a compliance supporting recruitment platform makes work simple and effortless.

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