Reasons Why People Have Better Approach For Webseries Than Movies

It would take days, weeks, or even months to come up with a solution to the question of why Web series are superior to films. Is there a right or wrong answer? Some would agree, others would weigh the benefits and disadvantages, and finally, the most ardent supporters would make it a point to win the argument. No doubt about it.

When it comes to deciding between the two, there is no definitive answer. We can’t utilize a conventional approach or procedure to determine which television show or a film is better. In the end, it’s all about who’s watching. The virus is spreading over the world, so going to the movies is out of the question.

This may explain why an increasing number of moviegoers are opting to binge-watch their new favorite web series on streaming services instead of theatres. There is nothing better than binge-watching a television show to keep your mind occupied. Having so many reasons to watch it, it’s easy to spend a week watching it.

I’m a big fan of television series, and I’ve always preferred them to movies. The following is a list of the reasons why I think viewing a TV show is superior to reading a book.

How Web Series Are Better Than Movies:

It’s been a long raging debate that has gone back years and years.  Web Series vs Movies, which one is better for entertainment?

Read along with the list of reasons to know why I find Web Series far better than movies.

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Character Growth

The biggest reason why I think web series are better than movies is the growth a character has during the runtime of the show. This is the reason why tv shows are particularly famous. The longer the runtime of a series, the more potential its character has to grow and mature. Though characters in the movies also grow, there is a more significant growth in textures with the tv shows.

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Unpredictable Game of thrones: 8 Reasons Why TV Shows are better than Movies

With so many characters and multiple stories going on, there is hardly any chance for viewers to guess what is coming next. Moreover, most of the shows that we see today have multiple seasons which means each episode can start with a new storyline, so more room for plot twists. Unpredictability is another reason that makes tv shows better than movies.

Great Pastime

Web series act as an excellent hobby for most people: especially for those who are socially introverted and would miss movie night every weekend. Pick up your favorite tv show, get seated on your couch with your favorite pizza, and turn on Netflix or any other platform where your show is streaming. Watching your favorite show from the comfort of your home can make the whole experience of the show more enjoyable.


Breaking Bad: 8 Reasons Why TV Shows are better than Movies

Before a movie goes into the production stage, the creative heads need to think about a lot of things. The one big thing is finding the right audience. You never know if your audience will like this genre squeezed into a two to three-hour movie. But things are very different for tv shows in this aspect. There are so many variations; additional experiments are done with varying genres on multiple platforms leaving so much choice for the audience.


Tell me honestly would you remember a 2 hour movie for the longest time or a web series with nine to ten seasons? The answer is a web series. Unless a film is excellent like Titanic or Dead Poets Society, no one will remember it. But with ten seasons and that too with 15 to 16 episodes per season, it is somewhat hard to forget a tv show so quickly. Another reason to justify web series being better than movies is because of the longer runtime; a viewer gets a lot of time to digest an epic moment. Like your favorite character dying or a new plot twist, you can stay on an episode for two or three days to absorb it completely.

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Complex Stories

With so many seasons, your favorite show will involve a more complex storyline with each turning season. This reason alone makes web series better than movies. You start watching a season with one main character. There are five main characters in the third season, a love triangle between boyfriend, girlfriend, the housekeeper, and ten enemies ready to kill everyone. See the difference three seasons can make. This is the potential a tv show holds, whereas, in the case of movies, everything has to wrap up in 2 hours, leaving no room for the story to evolve.

Creators Control

The biggest reason web series are better than movies is there is a lot of collaboration involved in filming shows rather than movies. Movies are usually made with very general control and direction by the producer and the director. However, that is not the case with tv shows here. The directors, creative team, producers everyone is involved more closely to take the show in a more authentic direction.

Endless Possibilities

You: 8 Reasons Why TV Shows are better than Movies

With TV shows, there are infinite possibilities in which a story can grow exponentially. Though there are times when you may feel that all the stories have been covered and there is nothing new, web series will surprise you at that exact moment. Surprise elements and plot twists are never going to end in the case of a series. There is a world of endless and infinite storylines for a tv show. If a movie is a flop, it is a flop; no one can change that. But if one season of a show does not go well, creators will develop more creativity for the next season.

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Final Words:

These are the reasons that make web series far better than movies, in my opinion. I am no one to decide whether movies are a waste of time or not; it is entirely up to an individual’s choice to see what they want. There is no pressure. If you are also a fan of tv shows like me, say hi in the comments section below.


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