Pretty Smart spoilers: Do Chelsea and Grant get together on Pretty Smart?

Emily Osment stars in Pretty Smart as the intellectual aspiring author Chelsea, who finds herself moving in with her spirited little sister Claire and her three not-so-intellectual roommates: spiritual healer Solana and the influencer Jayden as well as the physical trainer Grant.

From the moment that Chelsea meets Grant immediately, she’s captivated by Grant. However, we do not blame her one bit. Who would not instantly fall in love with Gregg Sulkin? There was a problem: Grant was the ex-husband of Claire’s sister Claire. Hello, complications!

Does the tension between Chelsea and Grant ever reach a fever pitch in Pretty Smart, or does Grant’s recurring crush on Claire return? This is how the first season of the funny new sitcom ended, and what’s expected to (hopefully) follow in season 2.

What happens when Chelsea and Grant have a kiss on the set of Pretty Smart?

In the case of Chelsea and Grant, the situation is somewhat complicated. While the two do actually meet in the episode, it did not result from their shared feelings for one of their partner. As they try at impressing Chelsea’s school crush Margot, Grant kisses her as part of a trick.

However, after Chelsea and Grant both admit their love towards each other at the close of the season they almost kiss at night in the gymnasium. Their romantic time was interrupted and led Chelsea to dream about Grant which causes her to feel guiltiest.

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What happens when Chelsea and Grant join forces for a night of Pretty Smart?

We’d like to add that, yes, Chelsea and Grant end up on the movie Pretty Smart (we don’t want to cover our stance on the subject here! ) But they came very close, yet far from getting it to work. Naturally, Chelsea worries that acting in her love for Grant will ruin the progress they’ve made together Claire.

As such, they promise not to give a high-five without speaking with Claire first. This is the right thing to do, considering that Grant has dated Claire for three years. And given that Claire recently turned down Grant’s renewed interest in her, it’s likely to be a smooth ride. However, it appears Chelsea did not have the best timing.

Do you think that Grant and Claire getting back together as part of Pretty Smart?

As Claire’s relationship with Dave (played as Jake who is from State Farm) starts getting serious, Claire realizes she’s getting cold feet. She’s a pro at being a quick exit from relationships and the moment Dave offers to see the parents of his, she’s nervous that they’re going faster than her feelings towards him.

After lying before Dave about Grant’s stained coffee shirt from the time they first had a meeting, Claire’s guilt makes her to confront the truth that she is in love with Grant. In a fit of impulsiveness, Claire breaks up with Dave and heads home in order to kiss Grant… This happens right before Chelsea wants to speak with Claire.

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Beautiful Smart concludes with the eerie tension that ensues when Jayden and Solana are watching their ships clash in the absence of Chelsea or Claire’s understanding. This thrilling cliffhanger that falls entirely on Grant’s shoulders is what makes us crave another season of the sitcom.

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