Pretty Smart season 2 is not available on Netflix in December 2021.

If there’s one new Netflix original show that was seriously underrated in 2021 it was the popular sitcom “Pretty Smart. (We have said that in our review of the show!) Since its launch in October, fans have been asking questions about what’s up in Pretty Smart season 2.

If the fans were to have their way, Pretty Smart is definitely returning for a third season as we’re in need of answers following the jaw-dropping finale. Who will be the one to end up being with Grant? What will be the outcome? The world must be informed about what will happen next.

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The series’ premiere on Netflix didn’t go straight to the top positions of the top 10 series. In the way that Netflix sitcoms are known to do, Pretty Smart did not make a huge impact, and it also didn’t impress reviewers however that does not mean that it wasn’t warm and fuzzy and very funny.

Unfortunately, Pretty Smart season 2 was not included in Netflix’s schedule of new movies and shows due on December 20, 2021. It’s not surprising, however as the sitcom hasn’t been renewed. But, it hasn’t been cancelled.

Does anyone know when Pretty Smart season 2 coming to Netflix?

Although Netflix hasn’t yet made any decision regarding the next step for Pretty Smart season 2. The show isn’t being cancelled which can be interpreted as a positive signal. However, it’s been two months since the show’s release at the time of December. 8 and there’s been no announcement about an extension.

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At the moment, we’re hopeful that Netflix might be betting on Pretty Smart and bring the show back for season two. The streaming company was unable to sustain multi-cam comedy in 2021 and 2021, including The Crew and Country Comfort arriving and going in a single season.

Additionally, Netflix will also soon be losing Family Reunion, which is currently heading to its end of the season. Netflix requires a new smash sitcom which is why The show called Pretty Smart has the highest possibility of gaining a bigger audience after a second season. If it was cancelled, it would make Netflix begin again in its search for a multi-cam sitcom that is successful.

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If Netflix decides to continue to air Pretty Smart season 2 we’re hoping that 10 fresh episodes could be streamed in 2022 and possibly for another season’s release in the fall. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that there’s positive news on the underrated sitcom with Emily Osment and Gregg Sulkin.

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