On a Mac, How To Turn Off Mouse Acceleration?

Adjusting the acceleration makes the mouse respond more quickly while you’re moving the device at a given pace. Remove acceleration from your mouse’s movement if you need to make a very accurate movement between two spots on the screen.

Unlike Windows, disabling acceleration on a Mac is a bit more involved, but it can be done if you use a Mac for work. As an optional extra, acceleration can be activated at a later time.

On a Mac, How To Turn Off Mouse Acceleration?

Step 1: Open Spotlight by pressing “Command-Space,” then search for “Terminal” and choose it from the results.

Step2: Open up Terminal and enter “defaults write.GlobalPreferences com.apple.mouse.scaling -1.” Don’t put quote marks around this or any other part.

After typing the command, press “Enter” to activate it and disable mouse acceleration. Put an end to working in Terminal.

Disabling a Synaptics Touchpad

On a Mac, How To Turn Off Mouse Acceleration?

Most modern laptops and netbooks use a Synaptics touchpad, however, not everyone who uses a computer prefers it. While a touchpad may be convenient for simple activities like web browsing, it can become unwieldy when modifying graphics or conducting other activities that require precise manipulation of either small or vast regions.

You can turn off the Synaptics touchpad on your work laptop if you’d rather use another pointing device.

  1. To access Mouse Properties, press “Start,” then “Control Panel,” then “Hardware and Sound,” and finally “Mouse.”

2. Navigate to the “Settings” menu. To disable the device, go to “Synaptics Touchpad” and then click “Disable.”

3. select “OK” to exit Mouse Properties.

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