Now Offering Apple Music on Ps5: The First Integrated Experience on A Game Console

The announcement comes after Apple Music periodically appeared for PS5 users for weeks, with neither Apple nor Sony confirming the development. Apple Music for the PS5 enables members to listen to more than 90 million songs, in addition to a variety of curated playlists and radio stations, right from their console. The application also supports the playing of music videos in resolutions up to 4K.

Apple Music enables users to listen in a number of contexts, such as in the background or while playing a game. The Apple Music app supports continuous playback for music videos when going to and from the app.

Now Offering Apple Music on PS5, the First Integrated Experience on a Game Console

Apple Music may be accessed in-game by pressing the PS button on the DualSense wireless controller to access Control Center and the Music Function card. The Music Function card can display Apple Music recommendations that correspond to the game being played, provide playlists from a user’s library, and even provide options to play Apple Music playlists that have been selected expressly for gaming.

PS5 users can download the Apple Music app from the Media section and link their Apple Music account by following the on-screen directions. The procedure requires either the scanning of a QR code from an Apple device or the manual entry of Apple ID credentials. Apple also updated its support documentation for Apple Music for Smart TVs to include game consoles on the same day.

We hope Apple will be as determined as Spotify to be everywhere. This is their sole option for competing with Spotify. The only condition under which I will leave Spotify is if I can smoothly stream music to every device in my home, similar to how Spotify works but retaining the same level of remote control.

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The most significant aspect of the Spotify product is its excellent engineering. My entire family enjoys using it because it prioritizes function above appearance. I would want to leave Spotify, but Apple lacks the capability that Spotify provides, and Airplay is not the solution.

Airplay performs something that is simply too near to the system level. I cannot bear using it because I have no idea if what I do on my phone will interfere with the media playback. The system volume controls are hijacked, and I cannot continue to use my device for anything else when I utilize airplay for, instance, Disney+. I cannot simply turn on a DVD for my children and then return to work on my phone.

Spotify allows you to choose a signed-in device and leave it at that. There is none of this muddled confusion caused by my phone trying to determine what I’m attempting to control.

If Apple desires my business, it must provide Airplay or cloud-based client session control similar to Spotify, and it must be accessible everywhere.

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