How to Find out Who an Unknown Caller Is

Have you ever received a call and wondered who it was from? I’m sure we’ve all wondered how to find out the identity of an unknown caller number on our iPhones, despite the fact that the vast majority of calls from unfamiliar numbers are spam calls from automated systems. So that you can safeguard your sanity and physical safety in the future, I will explain the several methods by which you can view a No Caller ID number.

If You Get a Call from A Number that Doesn’t Display as A Caller Id, You Can Find out Who It Is by Dialling *69.

no caller id number

If you receive a call from someone you don’t recognise, you may easily find out who it is from by dialling *69. To return a call from an unidentified or undetected caller immediately, dial *69 after the call has been missed. Tracing the number from here will give the name and address, if they are published in a public database, of the unknown caller, assuming you have access to such details. The moment the call was made to your iPhone will be revealed even if the number is blocked. Please be aware that not all phone companies provide this feature, and those that do may charge you extra for using it.

You can then dial the number and ask to be removed from the caller list. But you shouldn’t be shocked if this strategy doesn’t work. To avoid further contact with that phone, blocking it is your best bet. Make sure you read our guide on how to stop getting calls from unknown numbers on your iPhone if you want to block a specific number.

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Find the Number of An Unknown Caller with The Help of A Third-Party App

You can still get this data if your service provider doesn’t support *69 by installing a dedicated app. Numerous caller ID apps exist, allowing you to see who’s on the other end of an unknown number. We’ve researched and selected many reputable apps that can help you track down and recognise previously unknown callers. Be sure to sign up for our free Tip of the Day newsletter if you find this kind of advice helpful.

The  Free Reverse Search Engine

If you need to look up someone by phone number but don’t want to pay for the privilege, try Reverse Lookup. Obviously, this is useless if you don’t recognise the number, but it could be helpful if you keep getting random calls from the same place. Maybe they just dialled the wrong number, or maybe you can figure out who it is and avoid the awkward situation altogether. A benefit of these services is that they are not all free.

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a Number Finder, $9.99 – $16.99

If you need to look for a number in reverse, Number Finder is a great option. If you missed a call or prefer to get texts instead of phone calls, this software might help you find out who it was from. Additional information, such as the caller’s identity and location, may also be accessible. You can have a more relaxed state of mind by not having to deal with harassing callers like debt collectors, con artists, telemarketers, or even ex-lovers. Moreover, if you only need to temporarily stop a couple of bothersome callers, you can use this programme for free for three days.

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Trap Call, Which Ranges in Price from $9.99 to $94.99.*

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TrapCall is a service that will expose the true number and Caller ID of any harassing caller who has blocked their number. With TrapCall, you’ll be able to identify callers from unrecognised numbers, and in some cases, you’ll even get their address thanks to Live Caller ID.

The programme does have some incredible features, such as the ability to reveal the number and identity of an unknown caller, instantly block over two hundred thousand identified spam callers and telemarketers, record incoming phone calls as proof, and identify and locate digital stalkers. Even though there is a cost associated with using TrapCall, I think it may be worthwhile for the security it provides. This app is similar to others in that it gives you a free trial period, but instead of three days, you get a full week to evaluate its features.

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