My Activity: Google’s Assisted Information Administration!

To help you feel more confident in managing and safeguarding your personal information, we offer a suite of privacy and security features. Your use of Google sites, applications, and services may be recorded in your Google Account based on your Activity settings. You may access and remove your search history, articles read, and videos watched through the My Activity section of the site.

Your Google experience, including search results, suggestions, and the homepage on both Google and YouTube, can all be improved by your continued use of the services. If you clear up your history, Google will stop using that information to tailor what you see.

How My Activity Works

Through Your Google Account’s Activity Settings, You May Select Which Actions Will Be Saved and Adjust Your Account’s Privacy Settings to Your Liking.

When Logged Into Your Google Account, Activity May Come from Your Usage of Google Products or Other Sites, Apps, and Devices that Make Use of Google’s Services.

Once This Data Is Saved, My Activity Lets You:

  • Some Google products store activity in places other than My Activity. For example:
    • If Location History is turned on, that activity is saved to your Maps Timeline. You can delete Location History from your Timeline at any time.
    • Your browser may save its own browsing history and other browsing data. In Chrome, you can delete your browsing history and other browsing data. You can also browse in private to stop Chrome from saving your browsing history, cookies and site data, or information entered in forms.
  • You can find other Google activities that might be saved in other places.
  • My Activity doesn’t store content or files like documents, emails, or photos. You can manage content or files directly in products like Drive, Gmail, or Photos.
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How Google Protects Your Activity

To Help Keep Your Activity Private:

Google Activity

Your Google Account Already Has Built-In Protections Against Spam, Spyware, Viruses, and Hackers.
All of Your Data Is Encrypted Using the Latest Technology in The Industry.

My Activity Allows You to Restrict Access to Your Complete History by Requiring an Additional Verification Step.
Each Google Account Has Its Own Activity. if You Have More than One Google Account, Your Data Won’t Be Mixed up If You Switch Between Them.

There Will Never Be a Time when We Share Any of Your Private Information with Third Parties.
Learn the Skills You Need to Reign in Your Behaviour.

You May Tailor the Amount of Personal Information Retained in Your Google Account and How It Is Used with The Aid of Activity Controls.

You Can Delete Data from My Activity or Delete Location History from Your Timeline at Any Moment.Google May Keep Certain Kinds of Data for A Very Long Time for Reasons Including Business or Legal Constraints.
You Can Also Select to Download Your Activity at Any Moment.

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