Looking For Moviebox Fixes And Substitutes When It Is Not Working On Iphone Ipad

Hey readers, exhausted of the issue “MovieBox not working”?  Don’t fret over it, Read out this post to get the instant solution for it.

Apple community does not allow apps like MovieBox on its app store due to its nature, some claim it is illegal. And Apple does not allow any app that is lawfully questionable. So what do users do to access this app on iOS-based iPhones and iPad? They take help with jailbreaking. But many of the users do not support the idea of jailbreaking the devices. But this jail-breaking device method always produces mixed results. sometimes it is a hit and many times it could be a miss.

So most of the users complain that “MovieBox not working” on their software.  So to fix these issues, we have intended this post. So let’s not take your time much, and move directly towards its best fixes.

let’s discuss it in bifurcated parts :

How to Fix MovieBox Issues on iOS 14?

If you are using iOS 14 then try out this fix :

  • First of all,  Close MovieBox quickly. Make sure one thing that MovieBox has been closed forcefully too by clicking on the “Force stop button” under the settings tab of apps.
  • Now, go to the Settings tab again.
  • Then Here move to General settings and select the Date and Time option from it.
  • In the date and Time option, turn off the ” set automatically” settings.
  • Change the date now, you can set it to any date like Sep 1, 2014.
  • Get back to your home screen.
  • Start MovieBox.
  • Again go to Settings then head towards  General Settings.
  • Move to Date and Time settings again and turn on “Set automatically” back again.
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Now, you must be thinking that how it would fix MovieBox’s not working issue, Right? Then keep calm readers. Let me explain to you that since the app has bypassed the security certificate expiry date. So by changing the date, it will trick your gadget as it will think that the certificate is still valid and will start the app. Isn’t it a clever move?

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Restart Moviebox

iOS 14] MovieBox Not Working on iOS 14 or Elder iPhone iPad Problems Fixed!

Moviebox is the ultimate fun app where you can utilize your spare time watching movies online for free. what you all have to do is just sit on the couch, get your popcorn ready and enjoy your meal while having a theatre-like experience at home without spending a penny.

But for the past few days, many people are complaining that their MovieBox not working well and is crashing again and again. So the best trick here to resolve this issue is to restart the app.

Follow these steps –

  • Force close the MovieBox app.
  • Restart the app again.
  • If it still doesn’t work then restart your iOS as well.
  • Switch off your gadget and start rebooting it.
  • Now Check whether it starts working or not.

Switch to a VPN Service

If there are some other issues too like “Video is not downloading” or “server is down”. Then it may be possible that the particular video is not accessible in your locality. So what to do about that? Then here you need to track the IP address by using VPN services. A VPN will breech your IP address and will provide you a proxy IP address so that you can access the restricted app or video at your geographical location by ditching it using proxy servers. There are a lot of VPNs available in the market. Always go with the paid VPNs as free VPNs do not provide services up to the mark.

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How to Set VPN?

Go to iPhone/iPod: Settings – Then tap on General settings-> pick VPN from it -> Again go to Settings -> Pick an option of  “PPTP” -> Quickly fill in VPN Server/Account/Password, “Auto” encryption level, and tap on  “Send All Traffic” – Then finally Save it.

For iPad: Go to Settings and hereunder General settings, Pick Network settings.

  • Then select VPN services.
  • Here add VPN configuration.
  • Pick PPTP from it.
  • Fill in details like Server/Account/Password.
  • Turn off RSA SecureID.
  • Select “send all traffic”
  • Then save it.

Reinstall the Moviebox

If all the methods mentioned above are not getting positive results for you then, it’s high time to reinstall the app. Check out if its latest version is available, If yes, then update it to grab the latest one. If not, then just reinstall the app again. On many websites, its apk is also available. You can try on that as well.

Check Out MovieBox Alternatives :

If you have tried all possible ways, then the time has reached to avoid this app and try out its alternatives. Check out popular MovieBox alternatives here :


Netflix is one of the most popular OTT platforms where you can entertain yourself with a variety of entertainment stuff over there. language hindrance is no mere here as its subtitles facility removes language bars

Amazon Prime

Amazon is the only one that is giving tough competition to Netflix and its contemporaries. Its subscription charge is also very low as compared to Netflix. It is available in more than 100+ countries.

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Hulu is a platform where you can access global stuff. Here you have to pay monthly subscription fees. It also gives you an offer to access its live channels too.

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This is all about “How to fix MovieBox not working issue”. Keep reading and stay tuned for more such updates!!

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