Meta really doesn’t want you to buy its ad-free subscription for Facebook and Instagram

Although Meta’s ad-free subscription is now available on Facebook and Instagram, the business does not encourage users to purchase it.

European Union users of Facebook and Instagram are beginning to receive a message asking them to choose whether or not to view advertisements while using the applications. Now, users can choose to pay for an ad-free experience if they choose not to cope with the barrage of advertisements on both platforms.

When it launches, users in the EU will have to pay 9.99 per month for the ad-free membership, which would eliminate advertisements from Facebook and Instagram. But as of March 1, 2024, the business claims it would only cover one account. After that date, you will have to pay a total of 15.99 per month to have advertisements removed from both of your accounts.

It appears that Meta doesn’t want people to join up for the ad-free experience despite the expensive cost. As noted by Matt Navarra, the business undoubtedly highlights the option to opt for an ad-supported experience during the signup process. Compared to the Subscribe option, the Use for free choice is more conspicuously highlighted and is presented in color.

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This is not shocking. Since the foundation of Meta’s business has always been an ad-supported model, the company probably still benefits more financially from users who engage in this type of activity. The streaming industry is currently seeing the same tactic, with several providers raising the cost of their ad-free subscriptions while maintaining—or occasionally even lowering—the cost of their ad-supported options.

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Even though it appears like we’ll be able to select an ad-free experience for an increasing number of products, it’s becoming obvious that this option will primarily belong to the wealthy. The advertisements will be a problem for everyone else.

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