Introduction To Compression Garments and Finding Your Size

If you have ever thought of having liposuction surgery, then you may already be familiar with compression garments. You will get to fully understand that it is very indispensable when it comes to your recovery process and will ensure that the results come out the way you want them. While it may cause discomfort, it is the most important aspect of your recovery that can guarantee the desired outcome. All the guidelines you need to follow will be provided and after liposuction, you have to make this a vital part of your life.

The compression garment may be unappealing, but it is an important part of the recovery process following liposuction surgery. You may not be excited by the thought of wearing a tight-fitting garment, however, the pain and discomfort are a fair price to pay for the result it leaves you with after your liposuction procedure. Make sure that you choose loose-fitting clothes for comfort after surgery, to create room for your ContourMD compression garment.

After your liposuction, the compression garment has to be worn for an extended period. Though this might be frustrating, it will help your recovery significantly. Not wearing one will lead to a slower recovery process and can leave you with unsatisfactory results. The kind of liposuction procedure done on you and the kind of incision made by your surgeon are the factors that will determine the length of time that you need to wear your compression garment. You would need to wear it for a shorter duration if the area was stitched up, and longer if it was exposed and left to heal. In most cases, part of the healing process is for the area to drain, and the drainage can be faster with compression garments.

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Remember that a compression garment offers benefits that far outweigh the pain and discomfort it can cause. It significantly affects the outcome of your liposuction surgery as much as any other thing. Failure to wear it may leave you with scars, and you may end up with an outcome that is not satisfying or effective like what you would get if you wore the garment. Though it may not be comfortable, imagine the disappointment you may feel if you go through this kind of surgery and you don’t get your desired body. No pain no gains, implying in this case that without compression garments, the results of your liposuction procedure will not be as satisfying. 

How Your Figure Is Transformed By Post-Op Compression Garments

Every woman tends to crave the perfect body, a body that would be envied by many other people. This is no longer impossible, thanks to the tummy tuck from post-op garments.

Post-op garments are usually made to be used by people who have undergone surgery, such as cosmetic procedures and medical operations. They are used for body shaping, among many other things. The function of these garments is to tighten and flatten targeted parts of your body. As the elastic garment sticks to your skin and puts pressure, it changes your body shape. This way, garments like these help you achieve a more sexy body contour.

As stated before, compression garments hold back your skin and send your body fluids away from the surface. As a result, toxic fluids are eliminated from the skin to be ejected from the body. One other advantage of this is that it helps to quickly reduce the swelling that arises from the surgery. You may notice that your skin sags and swells when you undergo these surgeries.

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Because your skin is loosened up after fat removal procedures such as tummy tuck, wearing a compression garment can help to firm your skin and entire body in general. Even more amazing is the fact that your body recovers speedily from the operation with the help of these garments. 

How To Find The Right Size When Buying Compression Garments

Most plastic and aesthetic surgeons suggest that compression garments should be worn during the first few weeks following a body contouring procedure at the minimum. Compression garments not only help patients go through a healthy recovery but also offer many other benefits. When undergoing a body contouring procedure of any kind, it is usually recommended that your compression garments should be worn all day and all night in the following weeks after the surgery so that bruises and swellings are kept at a minimum and you can get the desired results.

The following tips will help you find the right size when shopping for compression garments.

Get Your Measurements Before The Procedure

The procedure will leave you with some residual swellings for several weeks. Based on the design of Medical Z surgical compression garments, you are expected to get your measurements before the surgery. You can easily choose the right size of compression garment for you by making use of your measurements. The ideal garment for you will conform to your body and provide adequate support. A bigger size compression garment will be rather ineffective for the recovery process and may lead to a compromised final result.

Make Use Of Sizing Charts

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Sizing charts are provided by most companies that produce plastic surgery garments so that patients can get fittings for the appropriate garment for themselves. Take advantage of the sizing charts you find online or in catalogs to ensure that the compression garment you choose is the right kind and correct fit for your needs. In a typical situation, the compression garment is selected based on the measurements of the patient before the procedure, so you should spend time getting an accurate record of your measurements.

Get Accurate Measurements

To figure out the most ideal garment size for you, you will need to take measurements for your waist and hip. Keep your feet together and take measurements around the fullest part of your hips and the tiniest part of your waist. You should check out the complete line of ContourMD compression garments.

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