IGlookup: All About IGlookup and Latest Private Instagram Tools 2022

IGLookup purports to be a private Instagram viewer app that allows access to any Instagram account without registering for it. However, it uses a bait-and-switch strategy to attract users to something else.

How Does IGLookup Work?

Essentially, when you visit iglookup.com, the landing page for the tool will load. After scrolling down, you will discover a straightforward explanation of how to use the application.

Once you have finished reviewing the page, click “Spy now” in a pink box. When you scroll down a bit, you will notice a search field under “Instagram Username.” Here you will be prompted to enter the username of the user whose profile you wish to stalk, followed by the “Access Profile” button.

After tapping, a log window claiming to look for your Instagram username will emerge. After a few seconds, you will be able to view the posts of your preferred Instagram profile in high resolution. There was no expense or survey.

Latest Instagram Viewer Tools

IGlookup: All About IGlookup and Latest Private Instagram Tools 2022

Not just IGLookup was capable of stalking Instagram profiles. We have access to various additional legitimate sites where we may conduct the transaction discreetly, for free, and without the risk of hacking.

Private Photo Viewer

Privatephotoviewer is, as its name suggests, a third-party Instagram profile unlocking application. It makes a decent initial impression, and you nearly feel that the gadget is 100 percent authentic. When you begin your quest, though, things begin to deteriorate.

When you press the enter key, the tool will display your selected search results, but the postings will be obscured. You must click the captcha box in order to view the images. After doing so, you will be redirected to a page where you must complete a survey to unlock the photographs. When you click on any of the surveys (which we forbid with extreme prejudice), you will be redirected to a rabbit hole of cyberattacks disguised as survey forms.

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Likecreeper is another so-called private Instagram viewer application that targets users in unexpected ways. When you visit the website, you are prompted to enter your user profile name. When you supply this information, it will search Instagram and retrieve the results you desire, for a fee. The subsequent screen asks you to verify that you are not a robot, which appears to be a ruse to redirect you to external sites for customer surveys.

We recommend avoiding these applications and promptly closing the website if they request questionable information. In this spying profile game, you may lose your valuable data to a hacker.


Picuki is quite different from other Instagram viewer apps that redirect you to external websites for their own benefit. Picuki is an easy-to-use third-party program that allows you to anonymously stalk Instagram profiles. Simply visit the website and enter the profile’s URL or user name.

In a few seconds, the app will display the precise profile along with download options for the postings. In addition, you can edit postings using the straightforward capabilities provided by this tool. You may download and edit Instagram stories in the same manner.


Pikdo appears to be masquerading as a tool for seeing private profiles. Instead, it appears to summarise hashtag and user metrics. If the account you are searching for is private, you will be notified and advised to follow the profile to view their postings.


To use this application, you must:

Go to the website’s homepage by entering Smihub.com (don’t panic if it appears as ‘Dumpor’; Smihub was its previous name.

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In the search bar, enter any Instagram username and wait a few seconds.

The tool will display all Instagram users with that name.

Click the desired profile, then view their stories, posts, or anything else you desire. Download the content by

clicking the download icon.


Surprisingly, the tool for viewing secret accounts does not live up to its boasts. The only reason for mentioning it is to alert you to the fact that such fake tools can put your device at risk.

As soon as the tool navigates you to a different domain, the first red signal will appear. Then, at the bottom of the page, there is a live chat where purported users post sugar-coated feedback. Initially, it felt real, but as soon as you take the next step, you’ll realize it’s phony. To verify that you are not a bot, you will be subjected to a detestable survey.


In contrast to other programs that barely achieve the necessary objectives, InstaGrab is an excellent application that allows you to access and save movies and posts from private accounts. And sure, an Instagram account is not required to use this tool.

The best part about this tool is that no surveys or re-captcha boxes are required to verify that you are a person. To download material, you must copy and paste the post’s URL into the website’s search field. Overall, we would give this instrument an 8/10. Therefore, you should absolutely proceed. It’s an official Instagram private profile viewer.

Wrap Up

Why should we consider ourselves fortunate? Because we live in an age where every problem has a solution. It has cleared the door for many people to realize their ambitions, despite the fact that it is a bit frightening.

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Finally, we will not insist that you utilize tools such as Dumpor, Storiesdown, lookup, etc. religiously. Although some of them are absolutely secure, they violate the privacy of their consumers, which is unethical. Ensure you are aware of your limits before engaging in such activities.

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