If this Apple Vision Pro rumor is true, I might not buy one anymore

This past summer, Apple debuted the Vision Proat WWDC 2023. At that point, it was announced that the spatial computer will go on sale in the US in early 2019. It was not surprising that the release window was unclear.It will take time for Apple to win over developers since the Vision Pro experience will be mostly determined by third-party apps. Additionally, the device requires time to be promoted and its $3,500 price point made more bearable. Not to add, production problems might always postpone the release of the spatial computer.

Apple has not yet launched a significant marketing push for the Vision Pro as 2024 draws near. What early 2024 really signifies is unknown. Apple might not give a specific release date right away. Even if the Vision Pro is released in March or April of 2024, it will still be considered early in that year.

Although I am eager to obtain the Vision Pro, a recent report suggests that I may not be able to purchase one anytime soon. That’s because I live in Europe and Apple will prioritize the US market. It’s possible that the Vision Pro won’t be available in other countries until late 2024. I might decide not to get the first-generation model if that were to happen.

The latest Power On newsletter from Mark Gurman contains the news. According to the Bloomberg reporter, Apple’s Vision Pro is not going to be the company’s next big thing in terms of income generation.

During last week’s earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook made a clue about the company’s plans to unveil the spatial computer. Apple will choose to move slowly, so it won’t be able to sell the Vision Pro in big quantities very soon. Not that we thought Apple would sell a lot of Vision Pros. According to the most optimistic projections, Apple might sell a million handsets in its debut year.

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Never before has a product existed like the Vision Pro. In order to truly focus on the final mile of it, we are purposefully only releasing it in our stores, according to Cook. We will be doing demonstrations in-store, and it will not be your typical grab-and-go experience.

The top Apple executive withheld specifics. Gurman points out that he did state that purchasers of the Vision Pro would need to schedule appointments in order to pick up the device. They will also be able to test the gadget at that time.

Vision Pro's M2 and R1 chips.
Vision Pro s M2 and R1 chips. Image source: Apple Inc.

Purchasing a Vision Pro requires customers to design an intricate product. When necessary, we’re looking at various headband sizes and prescription lens attachments. The Vision Pro needs to be as cozy as it gets. Once you order a headset, the only way to be sure it fits well may be to try it on in-store.

Gurman notes that when the Apple Watch first came out, Apple likewise demanded appointments in-store. However, Apple swiftly adopted the customary grab-and-go method for the wearable. The Apple Watch was subsequently offered by Target and Best Buy. That is not what the Vision Pro is going to do. At least not in the near future.

The phased worldwide release is more concerning to me and any other Vision Pro enthusiast outside of the United States. According to Gurman, the Vision Pro could arrive in the UK and Canada by year’s end. The estimated release date of late 2024 is exclusive to those two markets. That could happen sooner or later. If this is true, however, it could mean that the Vision Pro will take much longer to get to the rest of Europe.

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If the Vision Pro doesn’t become available in Europe until 2025, I might decide not to purchase the initial model. A few months ago, Gurman also stated that Apple may introduce an improved second-generation Vision Pro and a less expensive Vision Pro in late 2025.

Of course, at this point, all of this is based on rumors. Gurman, though, has a solid resume. I might wait for one of the Vision Pro generations instead of the first one if his timing is correct.

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