I waited 900 days for an iMac update, and all I got was the M3 chip

The 24-inch iMac that was unveiled at the Spring Loaded event in 2021 was one of the most intriguing Macs of the Apple silicon era. Apple made a brave decision by abandoning the utilitarian style of its previous Intel iMac models in favor of a happier, more vibrant aesthetic. The company even substituted white bezels for black ones. Is it really true?

Many admired the initial batch of Apple silicon Macs, which included the M1, which was likewise ahead of its time. After a few months, there were whispers circulating concerning Pro and Max enhancements. Then we received a brand-new Mac Studio, the M1 Ultra chip, and more.

Bloomberg has continuously stated for more than two years that Apple will not introduce an iMac with the M2 chip, preferring to concentrate on improving and changing the M3 model. Apple did, in fact, forego the M2 generation for the desktop, as the story accurately stated. However, as speculation regarding the M3 began to gather traction, Bloomberg reiterated that we shouldn’t anticipate anything more than a processor upgrade at the Scary Fast event.

Image source: Apple Inc.

I have to admit that I had some doubts about Mark Gurman’s claim. I had assumed Apple would at the very least reveal some new colors—perhaps an all-black M3 iMac. However, no. The identical iMac, with the same design, colors, and ports. However, a twice-fast chip.

That was all, then?

Not precisely. Positive news about the new M3 processor I merely wished for more. This M3 iMac has three improvements in total: Bluetooth 5.3, Wi-Fi 6E, and the new chip. It’s interesting to note that, surprisingly for many who have followed Apple over the past year, the company hasn’t even abandoned the Lightning port on its Magic accessories in favor of USB-C.

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Image source: Apple Inc.

It took too long to arrive and wasn’t a significant enough upgrade in the end, even if the M3 iMac is a fantastic upgrade. Everything we loved about the original 24-inch iMac is still here, but it will all happen twice as quickly if you didn’t purchase it. I understand that you may be feeling conflicted about this launch as well, but if you’re holding out for something different—like when Apple teased the Mac Pro and then let us down—I understand.

I wonder if we’ll have to wait for an M4 generation or if the Cupertino corporation is saving anything else for a future 27-inch M3 Pro iMac or perhaps new screens for 2024, since evenmacOS Sonoma looks to be lacking in new capabilities.

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