How to Unblock Someone on Xbox: A Complete Guide

Connecting with other Xbox users online is easy and fun using the console. You and your other players will be able to hold in-game conversations via this service. Still, anyone can send you an SMS through Xbox, and it can get bothersome if they do. It may come in the form of unwanted messages from people you’d rather not communicate with, and the only solution is to block them. In today’s tutorial, we’ll go through the steps required to block and remove a contact on Xbox.

Someone who plays like a lunatic will always slip into the chat and harass everyone with abuse and other pointless ramblings. If it only happens once or twice, it might be okay. But when it gets too much, you’ll resort to blocking as a last resort to end the interaction with the offending party.

Let me explain how Xbox works: even if you aren’t friends with someone, they can still send you a message. To send you a text, they need only look up your Gamertag in the search bar. You can even filter out spam messages by looking at the discussion history. Xbox users may block or unblock one another for a variety of various reasons. Keep reading if you want to discover how to blacklist somebody on Xbox. You’ll also be prepared for the off chance that you need to unblock someone on Xbox for whatever reason.

Methods for Blocking and Unblocking Players on Xbox

how to unblock someone on xbox

There are a few different methods available on Xbox for blocking and unblocking users. The Xbox app and the console both allow you to ban annoying players. In this article, we will discuss both approaches. The one that helps you the most is the one you should use.

  • Your Xbox One and Series X|S allow you to block and unblock users.
  • Start the Xbox by pressing the Xbox button on the controller.
  • Your Xbox’s user manual will load up now.
  • To begin, go to the People tab and then pick the individuals whose access you wish to restrict.
  • After deciding on a player, you may go to their profile and click the Block button.
  • Simply visiting their profile and selecting the Unblock button will allow you to remove the block.
  • In fact, you can ignore SMS messages from folks who only send spam.
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Simply Launch the Manual by Pressing the Xbox Button on Your Controller

how to unblock someone on xbox


  • You can find the section under “Parties and Chat” after a little of scrolling in the handbook.
  • From there, choose Message Requests.
  • Messages from people who aren’t your Xbox pals will show up in the Message Requests section.
  • The first step in blocking a communication is selecting it.
  • Click “More” for additional options, then “View Profile,” to access your profile.
  • Now that you’ve reached the person’s Xbox profile, you have the option to either report them or block them.

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  • You may unblock the same user by following the same procedures I did.
  • In order to block or unblock other users, you can use the Xbox app.
  • Get the Xbox app for your Android or iOS device and start playing!
  • Connect your Xbox account to the app.
  • Next, enter the person’s gamertag into the search field and click on their profile.
  • There will be a “More” menu accessible via the three dots in their profile. Put your finger on it and tap it.

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