How to Turn Off the Flashlight on An iPhone 12?

Where is my flashlight? can be answered in three different ways. We’ll demonstrate both methods for activating and deactivating the torchlight. Plus, we’ll go through how to modify the brightness of the iPhone’s flashlight in case you’ve ever wondered how to do so.

I Can’t Find the Flashlight App on My iPhone or iPad

How to Turn Off the Flashlight on an iPhone 12

Your iPhone’s flashlight may be toggled on and off from the Control Center, the Lock screen, or by asking Siri. Your iPhone’s camera can be used as a flashlight due to its built-in LED flash.

That means that all iPhones, from the original iPhone 4 to the most recent iPhone 7, have access to the flashlight function. Like the iPhone, the iPad, iPad Pro, and iPod Touch all feature a flashlight that can be activated and deactivated in the same fashion. Therefore, there is no need to spend money on a flashlight app because they are all available for no cost.

Instructions for Activating and Deactivating Siri’s Flashlight

To avoid fumbling in the dark with your iPhone, just ask Siri to activate the flashlight. In order to activate Siri and use the flashlight, you may either say “Hey Siri” or press the Side or Home button. The following is the Siri command to turn on and off your flashlight:

Using Apple’s iOS device and the “Hey Siri” command.

Just tell Siri “Hey Siri, turn on my flashlight” or “Hey Siri, flashlight on, please.”

Use the phrases “Hey Siri, turn off the flashlight,” “Hey Siri, turn off my flashlight,” or “Hey Siri, shut off the flashlight” to turn it off.

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Assuming There Was No Hey Siri

How to Turn Off the Flashlight on an iPhone 12

You may use Siri to activate and deactivate the flashlight regardless of whether or not Hey Siri is activated. Here’s what to do if your iPhone’s Hey Siri isn’t responding or you haven’t activated it:

  • Just ask Siri to activate the flashlight by pressing and holding the Home or Side button.
  • To off the flashlight, press and hold the Home or Side button and then ask Siri to do so.
  • Indicators for Activating and Disabling the Light Source

Any iPhone or iPad Pro will have a flashlight option in the Control Center; however, getting there may be different depending on your device. From the Control Center on an iPhone 6s or later, here’s how to activate the flashlight:

  • iPads running iPadOS or iOS 12 or later, and iPhones starting with iPhone X:
  • Whether you’re on the Home or Lock screen, swipe down from the top right corner.
  • Click the light icon to activate it.
  • Is the Torch Icon Missing? Incorporating a Light Icon into the Menu Bar
  • The Control Center flashlight icon can be re-enabled in the Settings app’s Control Center menu if it has been accidentally disabled. A lost flashlight icon can be recovered by following these steps:
  • Launch the device’s system preferences.

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Tutorial: Lock Screen Flashlight On/off for iPhone

If you need to use the flashlight but don’t want to unlock your iPhone, you can activate it directly from the Lock screen. It’s possible that your iPhone’s Lock screen already features a flashlight icon, or that you’ll have to launch the Control Center from the Lock screen in order to use the flashlight. Afterward, you can use a lightning-fast trick to switch off the flashlight with a single motion, regardless of whatever approach you took to get there.

  • Methods for Activating the Flashlight on the iPad Pro, iPad Pro 11, and iPhone XS, XR (Or Turn Off the Flashlight)
  • Lights can be activated directly from the Lock screen on the iPad Pro and iPhone X and later models.
  • You can access the Lock screen by either raising to wake or hitting the Side button.
  • If you want to activate the flashlight, just tap its symbol.
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