How to Share Your I Phone, I Pad, or I Pod Touch’s Wi-Fi Password?

Is it possible to transfer a Wi-Fi password between iOS devices? Yes! You must first make sure that both iPhones are running the most recent version of iOS. Make sure you’re running iOS 11 or later, as that’s when Apple added support for exchanging Wi-Fi passwords. Both your phone and tablet need to have their wireless capabilities enabled.

You’ll also need to enter your Apple ID and the Apple ID of the iPhone you’re linking. In that case, there shouldn’t be an issue if they share an Apple ID. If you want to share the passcode with a friend’s iPhone, though, you’ll need to add each other’s Apple IDs to your address books.

Now that everything is ready, grab your iPhone and the other device you intend to give access to the Wi-Fi network. Close physical proximity between the devices facilitates and strengthens the connection, much as it does when using Bluetooth.

In Order to Accomplish This on The Receiving Device, Please:

Launch the device’s configuration utility.
Wi-Fi can be chosen.
The desired wireless network must be chosen.

The host device must now allow access sharing. Do the following on that iPhone:

When you click the button, a prompt should appear asking if you wish to Share Your Wi-Fi.

Simply click the Send Password button.
Your device will allow the other device to use its Wi-Fi connection while connected to yours.

You should be able to select Done after you’ve successfully sent the password to the recipient.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Distributing Wireless Network Passwords

Is it possible to transfer Wi-Fi credentials between iOS devices?

If you have both an iPhone and an iPad, you can share the Wi-Fi password using the same procedures outlined above, but you cannot share your iPhone’s real password with the iPad.

Is It Possible to Transfer Your Wi-Fi Password from An I Phone to An Android Device?

Yes. Android smartphones can’t use the iOS system, so you’ll have to modify your approach. To create a QR code on an iPhone, first, you’ll need to install a QR code generator. Apps like Visual Codes and Qrafter are ideal for this purpose.

The app’s launch will prompt the generation of a QR code that contains the details of your home network’s security key. To share the password with an Android device, all you have to do is open the QR code on your iPhone and have the recipient scan it. The QR code may be read by using the device’s camera or a QR scanner app. When an Android device is successfully connected to a network, a confirmation message may appear.

Is it possible to transfer a Wi-Fi password from a Mac to an iPhone?

Yes. The software on Macs and iPhones is more integrated because they are Apple products. This facilitates the sharing of Wi-Fi credentials, the transfer of files, and the backup of data.

Get your Macbook and iPhone on the same Wi-Fi network. Pick the wireless network that you want to join on the iPhone (it should be the same network the Macbook is connected to). Your Mac will prompt you for the Wi-Fi password via a pop-up window. To allow access to the iPhone, you will need to tap Share.

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Make sure you’re using macOS High Sierra or a later version.

The question now is what to do if none of the foregoing solutions prove effective.

If you’re having difficulty with any of the preceding procedures, consider these solutions:

Get the latest version of iOS. Check for available software updates in Settings > General.

The two of you should make sure they have each other’s Apple IDs preserved. No iOS connection will establish if it is not in your address book.
Please restart your machinery. Devices including the Apple iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and Android are included.
Flip the switch for wireless access. Your device’s connection may need to be reset by simply disconnecting and reconnecting.
Just try restarting your wireless router. If you’re having trouble connecting to the internet, try turning off your router and modem for a full minute before reconnecting them.
Bring the gadgets together in close quarters. It’s best to put the gadgets next to each other if you want a constant connection between them.
Continue developing your wireless network.
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