How to Select the Best Wireless Kids Earphones

Imagine setting off on a long road trip with your two kids who fancy different things. One wants to follow the latest cartoon released on Netflix on the smartphone while the other cannot get off last summer’s podcast with a new teacher. You cannot take sides, and fights on the car’s back seat will be unwelcome, but you can now rest easy by getting them wireless kids earphones.

They are fancy to use and will make your kids concentrate without interfering with each other. To get even more from kids earphones, make sure they have the following features. 

Easy-to-Use Volume Limiter

Any wireless ear earphones designed for children should come with a volume limiter. Scientific studies by the World Health Organization (WHO) show that kids who are exposed to the sound of more than 90 decibels for extended periods are at risk of suffering from hearing loss. Therefore, you should only select the wireless kids earphones that make it possible to limit sound levels to less than 80-85 decibels. 

High Sound Quality 

Sound quality is very important whether your kid loves watching cartoons on Netflix or using headphones for online learning. If the sound is poor, your child might not get the expected entertainment or communication. She might even put off the headphones and start doing something more interesting. So, how do you ensure that the selected wireless kids earphones have the best sound quality?

  • The earphones should have the latest technology to reduce sound lag. 
  • Go for the model with a longer Bluetooth sound range. 
  • Ensure that the headphones are compatible with the sound device source. 
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Anti-fungal Properties

One thing about kids is that they might not yet fully appreciate the danger that comes from dirt, such as sweat and dust. This is why you should avoid standard headphones that easily result in germs build-up and infections. Wireless kids earphones from top brands come with antifungal properties to ensure the hearing systems of your little angels do not get infected. You should also clean the headphones regularly

Strong and Durable Design 

Children are playful, which explains why they keep damaging their devices, such as toys you buy for them. The wireless kids earphones are likely to suffer the same fate if they are not strong enough. So, how do you make the earphones last longer? The trick is selecting the models with a strong and quality design. 

You might want to check the manufacturer’s site or read reviews to understand the design of the earphones. For example, the batteries, circuit, and casing should be strong enough to reduce the risk of damage from falls or pressure. To make the headphones last longer, train the kids on tips for maintenance. You will be surprised at how fast they are able to learn.

Perfect Fit 

Just like kids cannot be comfortable wearing adults’ shoes, your earphones will also not work with them. The best thing is looking for wireless kids earphones that perfectly fit their ears. The size of their ear canals is way smaller than those of adults, and the earphone plugs should be of the same size to fit without causing discomfort. If you find it challenging to get a perfect size, consider talking to the support executives of top brands, such as Happy Plugs.

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As you can see, kids are very active, and selecting the right earphones can help them concentrate, stay entertained, and enjoy every moment. The features we have highlighted in this post can help you narrow down to the best kids earphones. In addition, make sure the models you select are stylish, light, and easy to control. 

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