Solution to the problem of having several copies of the same contact on iOS 16

In order to save space on your iPhone, you should merge duplicate contacts and delete the ones you seldom use. Follow these steps to complete the task successfully. Contact lists can quickly get cluttered with unnecessary entries when people move between jobs, make new acquaintances, and lose old ones. Follow these steps to easily sync your iPhone with iCloud and manage all of your contacts at once.

The I Phone’s Built-In Contact Merging Feature

How to manage duplicate contacts in iOS 16

If you have duplicates of any of your contacts, the Contacts app will let you know. A message box will appear under your contact card in the Contacts app when you open it.

There are duplicates, and this message will let you know. To check out your duplicates, just click View Duplicates. This interface allows you to view the contacts and make a decision about whether or not to merge them.

To Combine Items, Select Merge All, Then Hit Merge Duplicates

As an added complication, you may have several Google or Yahoo contact cards for the same person. There is the option to connect these two accounts. Follow these steps to manually merge contacts if your iPhone fails to recognise duplicates.

Organizing Your iPhone’s Contacts

When you’re ready to cull the fat from your contact list, here’s how to handle several entries in one place on your iPhone.

  • Swipe open your phone’s contacts.
  • Locate the contacts you wish to administer.
  • Tap and hold on the first contact with two fingers.
  • Simply use two fingers to swipe across all the contacts you want to edit.
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The contacts you drag into focus will be highlighted in grey. After choose the contacts you wish to manage, long-pressing on one will bring up the options.

Tasks Such as “merge Cards” and “delete Contacts” Are Accessible Through This Menu

This works well if you give your contacts similar names, such as “Work Bob” and “Work Jane.” But if they’re all over the place, you may highlight several contacts at once by swiping left or right with two fingers. You’ll need a computer, such a Mac or PC, and iCloud if you’re dealing with a large number of contacts.

Methods for Coordinating Numerous iCloud Contacts

How to manage duplicate contacts in iOS 16

With iCloud’s contact management features, you can choose numerous contacts at once, independent of their order in the list. Log in to from your Mac or PC right now.

  • Locate the Contacts app in your iCloud dashboard’s lower left corner.
  • Select the first contact you want to edit and click “Manage.”
  • As you click each contact you want to handle, keep the Command button depressed on your keyboard. When finished adding contacts, you can let go of theCommand button.
  • To access settings, use the cog icon in the upper left. The erase button is the most helpful feature here.
  • If you’re using a Mac, you can skip signing into iCloud and do everything right in Contacts. Right-clicking will now perform operations normally performed by clicking a button.

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