How to Leave a Private Story on Snapchat?

Private Snapchat stories are those that can only be viewed by an exclusive group of Snapchat users. Here’s a cool feature of Snapchat: you get to pick who sees your stories. Can you opt out of being added to a person’s personal narrative list? If you want to know how to unsubscribe from a Snapchat story, this article may be helpful.

How Can You Tell if Someone Shares Your Private Story?

Snapchat does not alert you when a user has added you to their Private story. If a user updates their Private tale, you will not be alerted to the update. Only the purple lock icon next to an article will reveal whether or not you are on the owner’s Private list. Indicating exclusivity, the purple lock restricts access to the story to you alone. A Private tale is invisible to anyone who isn’t already on it.

Does Snapchat Tell Anyone when You Publish a Private Story?

how to leave a private story

No. Snapchat will not alert the story’s creator or any of the other participants when you leave their private story. Your name won’t be among those listed on the personal story, so they might be able to find it out.

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Does Snapchat Reveal Who Has Left Your Private Story?

Snapchat does not notify you when someone stops watching your private story. You can still find the person who left on your list of Private stories if you want to share your experience with them; after all, you created the list. Your secret story can only be viewed by a select few, and you can only tell whether they have done so by checking the views.

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Your Snapchat story may be accessed from the menu at the upper left of the main screen. Only a tap will reveal your personal narrative.

If You Want to Tell Someone a Private Story, How Should You Go About Doing It?

Private Snapchat stories are those that can only be viewed by an exclusive group of Snapchat users. Like leaving a group, you can opt-out of a story if you don’t want to be a part of it. Follow along with these steps to remove oneself from a Snapchat story that only a select few others have access to view on your mobile device.

Launch Snapchat by touching its ghostly white image against a bright yellow background from any of your device’s screens or by Googling “Snapchat.” If you are already logged into Snapchat, the camera will launch automatically.

  • To begin using Snapchat, if you are not already logged in, select the login button and enter your email address and password.
  • You can access your friends’ stories by tapping the two-person icon (to the right of the standard camera tab) at the bottom of the screen; this will bring up a list of your own stories.
  • Swiping left also opens this tab.
  • Choose a narrative you’d like to escape from and- It will have a padlock icon if the story is set to private.
  • Keep pressing the screen for a few seconds, and a menu will display; when it does, you can release your finger.
  • It’s the first option on the menu, so just hit it to exit the narrative.
  • Activate the “Leave” button; a confirmation dialogue will appear before you can leave the story. You won’t realise anyone else has access to your personal tale until it’s too late.
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How Come I Can’t Comment on A Snapchat Private Story?

how to leave a private story

You’ll need to be using the latest up-to-date version of the app if you want to share a secret story. Update your app immediately if you haven’t already. It’s possible the user withdrew the tale, or it simply disappeared, if you’re still stuck there (after 24 hours).


If someone includes you in their personal narrative, you are included. However, it can be annoying at times. If you experience an issue while using Snapchat, follow the instructions above to resolve it. We offer this material in the event that it proves useful to you.

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