How to Hide Your Facebook Friends List on Desktop and Mobile

For more than a decade, Facebook has been the go-to platform for people everywhere to stay in touch with their pals. There’s no denying the fact that protecting your privacy when online is a difficult undertaking, and social media sites are especially vulnerable to data breaches. Facebook and other social media sites pose a significant risk to your right to privacy when utilising these sites. Still, Facebook makes it such that its users can keep personal information as well as that of their close friends and family members secret.

Despite its usefulness, the ‘Suggested Friends’ list is still the most likely way your friend list will be seen by those you wouldn’t want to see it. In this post, we’ll go over some methods for keeping your buddy list secret from prying eyes, including those in your own social circle.

Keep in mind that if anyone (friends or otherwise) has access to your friend list, they can easily obtain a direct connection to each and every friend’s page. There is a serious invasion of privacy here, therefore keeping it under wraps is in everyone’s best interest. You should be aware that your friends may have access to the same list, so we’ll also look at options for keeping your profile hidden from people you don’t know or from people you don’t want to be friends with.

Where Can I Conceal My Computer’s Friends List?

how to hide friends on facebook

You should know that the friend list settings can be simply adjusted either the mobile app or the online browser. On a personal computer, though, you have a little more leeway when interacting with Facebook. Therefore, using Facebook through any web browser is the more sophisticated choice, giving you access to more settings and functions. In this essay, I will explain every technique we’ll be using.

  • A browser’s friend list can be concealed with a few clicks of the mouse by following these steps:
  • To access your Facebook account, please go to in your computer browser.
  • To adjust your account’s settings and privacy after checking in, select your profile picture from the menu that appears. To adjust your preferences, select “Settings.”
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When you go to your settings, you’ll find the privacy tab in the left column. You can inquire about how people can locate and get in touch with you here. You can modify several aspects of your Facebook experience in this section. If you choose “How people may locate and contact you,” additional options will appear, such as allowing you to choose who can view your friends list.

The platform’s privacy settings give you a wide range of control over your personal information. Find the section labelled “How people may find and contact you,” and then change the setting for “Who can view your friends list?” from “Everyone” to “Only me” or “Friends only.” If a Facebook user chooses to restrict access to “Friends only,” they can specify which friends they do not wish to share their profile with.

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Facebook Friend List Concealment via Mobile Device

Our previous discussions have focused on hiding your buddy list through the web browser on your desktop or PC. However, if you prefer to use a mobile device, you should also be able to specify your friend preferences and adjust any relevant privacy settings.

The Facebook app behaves consistently across all platforms. You’ll need to familiarise yourself with the full procedure of hiding a buddy list from a mobile device because the available customization options differ from those on a computer.

If You Want to Keep Your Friend List Secret on Facebook While Using Your Mobile Device:

A Facebook account can be accessed by opening the app and signing in. For those who haven’t already, the app may be found in both the Apple App Store (for iOS devices) and the Google Playstore (for Android devices) (for Android devices). Verify that you’re using the most recent app version.

  • The Android menu button is located in the top right corner of your screen. This is located in the bottom right corner of iPhones.
  • Find the link labelled “Settings & Privacy” and select it. There is no device-specific variant of this option.
  • Simply click the “Settings” button.
  • The “Audience and Visibility” subheading covers “How People Find and Contact You.”
  • Pick the option that asks, “Who can see your friends list?” You’ll first see a limited number of options, but you may expand your view by selecting More > See All. Make a selection from the options below.
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What Are the Steps to Creating a Secret Facebook Account?

how to hide friends on facebook

Facebook profiles can be made private in the same ways that friend lists can be hidden. The only people who can contact you through Facebook will be the ones you specifically give your profile link to. Aside from that, nobody will be able to track you down on Facebook. With these options enabled, you can prevent Facebook from showing your profile to people who are already friends with your friends.

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Launch Facebook on Your Web Browser and Sign In

To adjust your account’s settings and privacy after checking in, select your profile picture from the menu that appears. Simply select the Preferences menu.

When you go to your settings, you’ll find the privacy tab in the left column. Find the options labelled “Privacy Shortcuts” and “Your Activity.” The level of secrecy that you afford certain parts of your account can be experimented with here.

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