How to Make Whats App Chats Visible and Invisible.

Without a question, WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging service. It also regularly upgrades, introducing new features. Despite its many capabilities, a private chat or the option to hide particular talks from prying eyes remain functions that are present in other apps like Telegram and Hike.

There is no method to lock or hide a specific discussion in WhatsApp, despite the fact that it just added fingerprint lock for its Android app and supports Touch ID and Face ID lock for iPhones. But we can still use a built-in feature to keep the chat off the home screen.

Part 1: Android Whats App Messages Can Be Hidden

Whats App Does Not Have the Secret Chat Feature as Telegram Does? You May Still Use Whats App’s Archived Option to Hide Your Chat History, Though.

The Primary Difference Between the Two Is that When a Whats App Chat Is Archived, It Is Relocated to A Different Folder. the Message Returns to Your Regular Chat List if You Receive a New Message from An Archived Conversation, Though.

how to hide chat in whatsapp

A Whats App Chat Can Be Hidden

If You’re Unsure of How to Use the Archive Chat Tool to Hide Your Chats, Keep Reading. Here’s how To Save a WhatsApp Conversation:

How to Hide a Whats App Conversation:
  • Open Whats App and Long-Press on The Conversation You Want to Hide.
  • To Conceal or Archive the Chat, Tap the Down Arrow Icon at The Top of The Whats App Screen.
  • Whatsapp Chat Secrecy
Multiple Whats App Chats Can Be Hidden
  • It’s Just as Simple to Archive or Hides a Single Chat as It Is to Hide Numerous Chats. Follow the Instructions Below to Conceal Numerous Chats
  • How to Hide Several Whats App Chats
  • Long-Press the Talks You Want to Hide by Opening Whats App from The Chat List.
  • To Conceal or Archive the Selected Chats, Tap the Down Arrow Symbol at The Top of The Whats App Screen.
  • Preserving Several Whats App Conversations
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How to Hide Multiple Whats App Chats at Once:

Open Whats App and Head Straight to The Conversations Tab. Go to The Settings by Pressing the Three Dots.

Select the Option to Archive All Talks After Clicking Chats, Chat History, and Then Chats.

Whats App Chats Permanently Hidden

As Previously Noted, Anytime a New Message Is Received, Archived Chats Will Reappear on Your Main Chat Panel. You Might Be Curious as To Whether Whats App Communications Can Be Permanently Hidden. Yes! You Can Now Accomplish This with Whats App’s New Keep Chats Archived Function, Which Was Just Released.

How to Permanently Hide Whats App Chats:

  • Go to Whats App Settings by Clicking the Three-Dot Menu from The Whats App Home Screen.
  • Turn on The Keep Chats Archived Option Under Chats by Going There and Scrolling Down.
  • Go Back to The Whats App Home Screen at This Point.
    Simply Choose the Chats You Want to Archive, Then Click the Down Arrow.
  • Archiving Conversations on Whats App

Part 2: I Phone Whats App Chats Can Be Hidden

  • The Process for Archiving a Discussion Is the Same Whether You Are Using Whats App on An I Phone or Not. Here’s how To Keep Whats App Conversations Private on Your iPhone.
  • On Whats App, how To Hide a Contact
  • To Hide or Archive Chats in Whats App on Your IPhone, Follow These Steps.
  • Procedures for Hiding a Contact in Whats App:
  • Open Whats App and Choose the Chat You Want to Conceal from The List of Chats.
  • Now Slide the Selected Chat from Right to Left While Holding It to Hide It.
  • After Sliding the Chat, Pick the Conversation Will Be Removed From The Chat List.
  • Archiving a Whats App Conversation
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Multiple Whats App Chats Can Be Hidden

  • It’s Not Difficult to Hide Several Whats App Chats on Your I Phone. to Hide Numerous Chats, Follow the Instructions.
  • How to Hide Several Whats App Chats:
  • Open Whats App on Your I Phone, Then Select Edit from The Home Screen.
  • Small Checkboxes Will Now Show up Next to The Chats.
  • Afterward, Tick the Appropriate Boxes and Click Archive at The Bottom of Your Whats App Screen.
  • To Return to The Main Screen, Click Done.
    Archiving a Number of Chats
  • I Was Wondering if It Was Possible to Instantly Hide Every Chat. as Follows:

how to hide chat in whatsapp

How to Hide Multiple Whats App Chats at Once:

Enter Whats App Settings, Select Chats, and Then Select Chat History.
Press the All Chats Button.

  • Archiving All Whats App Conversations
  • How to Permanently Hide Whats App Chats
  • Additionally, You Have the Option of Permanently Archiving Your Chats. as Follows:
  • How to Hide Chats on An I Phone:
  • Open Whats App and Go to Settings Right Away.
    Go to The Chats Section Next.
  • Toggle the Keep Chats Archived Functionality on By Scrolling Down.
  • Turn on The “keep Chats Archived” Option

Part 3: Using an Archive to Hide Whats App Chats

Few People Are Aware that Whats App Chats Can Be Hidden without An Archive. This Section Is for You if You Don’t Feel Like Using the Archive Feature. Look at These.

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