How to Hide Apps on An iPhone?

I was wondering how many apps you have on your iPhone and how many you actually utilize. For 2021, Simform found that the average iPhone owner has 40 applications installed but only used 18. Even while millennials use the same most popular applications as their predecessors, the average number of apps they have loaded rises to 67.

We’ve all heard the advice to get rid of unused apps, but it’s not worth it if it’s possible that one of those apps could come in handy later on and you’d have to go through the hassle of redownloading it. On the flip side, it can be annoying to have a plethora of apps crowding your home screen.

Apps may be hidden on iPhone without actually being disabled, therefore this is a perfect workaround. Cleaning up and protecting the privacy of your iPhone is as simple as doing a few simple actions.

Exactly Why Does It Make Sense to Conceal Apps on An iPhone?

If you want to hide programs from view without wiping their data, Apple provides some simple and useful options. If you have younger siblings or children of your own, hiding apps on your iPhone can help keep them from distracting you and give you some personal space.

Most People Want to Know How To Conceal Apps on An iPhone Because of The Following Reasons:

how to hide apps on iphone

Organization. Since more than half of the apps we download on our phones go unused, it makes sense to get rid of the ones we never use.

Productivity. Hiding certain apps reduces distractions and encourages focus, resulting to more work being completed in less time.

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Privacy. Everyone, without exception, has a couple of apps they’d like to keep under wraps for various reasons. If you want to make your phone a more secure environment for your personal data, hiding privacy-focused apps is a good choice.

There isn’t a single, universal approach to hiding apps on iPhone; rather, there are a number of options to choose from depending on your specific circumstances.

Where Do iPhone Apps Go when They Are Hidden?

Do you have iPhone apps that you can’t seem to find? Do not fret. If an app is hidden but not deleted from the device, it will remain there.

In 2020, Apple introduced a new feature with iOS 14: the App Library, where you may keep all of your apps, regardless of whether or not they appear on the Home Screen. In the event that you forget where you put a certain app, you can always check the App Library.

When and How to Uninstall Apps

  • If you want to permanently remove an app from your Home Screen, you can uninstall it. But what if you only want to conceal it for a while?
  • Learn how to conceal an app from view on your iPhone’s Home screen by reading this guide.
  • Discover the program you wish to conceal and maintain finger pressure on it.
  • When the pop-up menu opens, select “Remove App.”
  • Click the Remove from Home button.
  • Your app will still be there on your phone, but the icon won’t be. You may discover it in the App Library and re-add it to your Home Screen whenever you like.
  • Apps on an iPhone can be hidden in bulk if you have several you wish to conceal but don’t feel like removing them one by one.
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Here’s how To Conceal a Whole App Page from View on Home Screen:

how to hide apps on iphone

  • To view all of your iPhone’s Home Screen pages at once, press and hold the dots at the bottom of your screen.
  • Navigate to the section containing the software you wish to conceal.
  • To remove the checkmark, press the circle to its right.
  • When you’re finished, select the checkmark in the upper right corner.

You may test if the page is truly hidden by swiping through the pages on your Home Screen; the hidden page shouldn’t appear. Simply revisit the same page when the corresponding menu is active to see it reappear.

Using Spotlight or Siri is another easy approach to uncovering your iPhone’s secret software. In other words, if you’re hiding apps on your iPhone, you can be assured that they’ll be easy to find again when you need or want to use them.

You should look into professional software if you find that the volume of stuff on your devices is becoming too much to handle.

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