How to Get Water out Of the Charging Port on Your Phone or Computer!

It’s true that the majority of high-end cellphones are resistant to water, and the newest iPhones can survive being dipped into water from a depth of up to six metres. However, the internal parts are still vulnerable to moisture and will break down if exposed for too long.

Water in the charging port of your phone, laptop, gaming console, or other electronic device will need to be removed as soon as possible.

To Drain Your Charging Port of Water, the Best Method Is To

how to get water out of charging port

Water in a charging port can be easily removed by simply letting it dry off. If you’re going to be away from the gadget for any length of time, make sure to leave it in a room with good air circulation. Leave the charging port exposed, and if you can, leave the device facing down so gravity can speed up the charging process.

If you haven’t checked the port in at least 30 minutes, please let the device dry completely first. If there is still condensation on the inside, or if the device is still reporting a “liquid detected” problem, then further time will be required.

Tap the gadget gently on your palm with the charging port facing down if it is small enough to be held in one hand. It can be useful for removing extra moisture.

How to Prevent Water Damage when Using a Charging Port to Fill a Water Bottle

how to get water out of charging port

It is strongly advised that you do not adhere to several commonplace beliefs and practises when it comes to dehydrating water.

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To begin, you shouldn’t put anything, including a cotton swab or paper towel, into the port where you charge the device. This can cause damage by scraping or dislodging the device’s internal components, and it can also further spread any moisture already present. When that happens, not even drying it helps.

Manuals often recommend using a hairdryer to blast the machine with hot air. However, doing so might lead to overheating and possibly deformation of the metal within the charging port.

No matter how many articles advise it, you shouldn’t put your phone in a bowl of rice either. Small grains of rice or starch can become lodged in the charging port, damaging the device, and this doesn’t dry it up any faster than circulating air.

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