How to Get Legendary Racer Dreki Pet Skin for Free in Free Fire

Through a top-up event dubbed Dreki Top Up, Garena Free Fire has finally unveiled a brand-new pet by the name of Dreki. This event offers Dreki for sale to players.

Dreki, like every other character in the well-known battle royale game (apart from the default ones), has unique skills that provide players a decisive advantage in a contest.

The new Dreki pet from Free Fire is examined in this article along with its features and price.

Would you like a free Dreki Pet in Free Fire? The pet was initially only entered through the OB26 advance server. But as of right now, if you want a Dreki Pet for free in Free Fire, you can receive one through the top-up reward event.

Everyone loves animals, right? No matter if they are reel or real!! Pets of Free Fire is one of the most incredible features that Garena Free Fire has introduced. These animals actually accompany their owners on the battlefield and aid them in combat with the other players.

Dreki Pet will be expected to be available in a new top-up event, so we can redeem it by spending a diamond, but the main problem is that you will definitely cost highly to get Dreki because it is one of the rarest pets in free fire game ever, that’s why garena won’t give you Dreki on cheap rate.

How to Get a Free Dreki Pet in Free Fire: A Step-By-Step Guide

This is an excellent opportunity for you if you have heard a lot about Dreki Pet and now want to acquire it despite not having any money. No one can prevent you from having it if you simply follow this simple guide.

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First, launch Free Fire.

On the Free Fire screen, select the Diamond icon.

On your screen, a variety of top-up plan alternatives will now be displayed.

Now rapidly select whichever many diamonds you want to buy from it.

Make the payment, and the diamonds will be credited to your account if it is successful.

You must now visit the section on events.

Here, you can make the pet’s event claim.

Open the event section to do this.

If you check the box, the Dreki top-up option will show up under the Events tab.

In this case, click the claim button next to the pet’s name to obtain Dreki.

And it’s completed!

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How Many Diamonds Are Required to Obtain the Dreki Pet in Free Fire?

Right now, you must be wondering how much diamonds will enable you to acquire a Dreki Pet. So allow me to explain. It’s not a lot. In Free Fire, you can earn Dreki’s pet by collecting 300 diamonds. You must purchase a 300 diamond top-up in order to do this. You may help get one of the most cherished dogs on virtual battlefields with these 300 gems.

Why Is Dreki Pet so Crucial in The Game Free Fire?

A step-by-step guide on how the legendary Racer Dreki can be obtained in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)

You must be aware of the significance of armour, grenades, health, high land jumping damage, and more if you are an avid player and have tried your hand at Garena free fire. With this brand-new Dreki pet, you have an exclusive advantage over other players. Please specify the precise causes so that we can investigate this further.

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Concerning Dreki Pet in Free Fire

Dreki is an adorable dragon with large eyes that twinkle when they blink, little wings, short limbs, and a fire-spitting tail. He really fits the description of his

appearance, don’t you think? Dreki is without a doubt one of the cutest characters in this fantastic battle royale game. Just catching a glimpse of it might make

your heart melt due to its adorable beauty. These are the three of his most well-liked actions that will win your heart:

Dreki used to make adorable movements anytime something pleasant happened. Therefore, whether you fight your enemy or move closer to the din, this pet will likewise display his happiness and engage in celebratory behaviour.

Play: This action becomes available each time you update your pet. This action can be used in your command wheel as well.

The Show: The Command wheel can be used to do this sophisticated activity.

Dreki Pet’s Qualities

Dragon Glare: It aids in locating adversaries utilising medkits within a 10-meter range. That often lasts for almost 3 seconds. Its attack has a maximum range of around 30 metres and a maximum duration of 5 seconds. At level 6, the Splashy Dreki skin can also be unlocked.

It has the second game’s second flying pet after Falco in Free Fire.

How to get Dreki Pet for free in free Fire game? - Ability

Can spot adversaries using medkits: As previously stated, after you achieve level 6, Dreki can help you spot two enemies, but they must be within a 20-meter range and within four seconds.

He can detect four enemies within a 30-meter range in 5 seconds if he reaches level 7, which is the following level.

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You could receive the Dreki Pet as a top-up price for this. Missed the point? You might get the pet in the month of April if you spend 300 gems.

Consequently, you won’t need to pay for it.

You must now be aware of the significance of having this animal on your side.

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Last words:

What are you waiting for, guys? Grab this charming, mischievous pet and put it in your luggage. Putting jokes aside now is the ideal moment to obtain a Dreki

pet in the free-fire since this event is currently exclusive to the month of April. Therefore, don’t wait and get it as soon as you can. However, please let us know

if we were successful in obtaining an educational post for you or not.

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