How to Download You Tube Videos on I Phone?2 Method to Downloading You Tube Videos to Your Phone’s Camera Roll!

YouTube is still one of the most visited websites worldwide. It first appeared in 2005. As Google now owns the rights to its apps and websites, it works perfectly with Android devices. Therefore, you could be interested in learning how to save data by downloading a YouTube video instead of continuously playing it in the Safari browser on your iPhone. YouTube Premium is a premium service that allows you to save videos to your iPhone so you may watch them offline indefinitely.

Even if you lose your internet connection, you can still watch the videos you’ve stored. The one and only catch is that you can’t play downloaded videos until you renew your subscription. In this post, we’ll show you how to download videos from YouTube to your iPhone’s camera roll so you can watch them offline. In no way does any of the advice given here necessitate jailbreaking your mobile device. Ok, then, let us get started.

Method 1: Downloading YouTube Videos Through the YouTube App

All you need is a YouTube Premium account and the YouTube app, as we’ve already discussed. One of the most compelling arguments is the convenience of having downloaded media available even when you’re not connected to the internet.

Youtube Video to Iphone

If you view videos on your iPhone regularly when you don’t have access to the internet, then the monthly subscription is well worth it. Plus, this is a sanctioned procedure, so there’s no risk of breaking the law if you use it. As such, let’s take a look at everything you need to know to successfully download a video via the YouTube app.

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Download the Youtube Application on Your iPhone

After that, launch the program and navigate to the Library, which should be in the app’s bottom left.
Choose the Downloads menu item to access previously saved downloads.
Then, after you have your chosen video open in the YouTube app, you can click the Download icon that appears just below the video.
You may also access the download button by tapping the menu button (three dots) on the video preview window. A menu with selectable video quality settings will then appear.

Youtube Video to Iphone
Pick the one that sounds good to you. You can now locate the downloaded video under the Library tab’s Downloads section.
Following these instructions, you’ll be able to effortlessly download and watch any video on the YouTube app, provided you have a YouTube Premium subscription, on your iPhone.

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Method 2: Downloading YouTube Videos to Your Phone’s Camera Roll

Blackhole Splitter is a third-party program that allows you to download films from YouTube directly to your smartphone’s gallery or camera roll. This program makes it simple to download and store any video from YouTube on your iOS device, so you can watch them offline whenever you choose. Let’s check out the procedure for carrying this out.

  • First, open the App store of your iPhone and search for the Blackhole Splitter app.
  • Next, when you find the app, install the application. After it’s installed, exit the App store.
  • Now open the Youtube app and locate your desired video, which you need to download. Click on the three vertical dot icons and then click on Share.
  • Copy the link of the video and exit the YouTube app.
  • After all of this, open the Blackhole Splitter app and tap on the center black button. It should be located easily.
  • Next, the app would ask for permission to access the Photos app. Allow access.
  • Now your favorite video from YouTube should be downloaded. You can simply open the Photos app on your iPhone.
  • The video should be now visible in the Recents tab. Watch it and enjoy
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How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone: Final Thoughts

Video from YouTube can be downloaded to an iPhone and viewed offline, eliminating the need for the YouTube app and service. Camera Roll/Photos is the preferred method for most people because it stores all of your films in one place and you don’t have to pay for a Youtube Red account to watch them.

Keeping up with the most popular YouTube channels might help you decide what to download from the site’s vast library of videos. You should also avoid using anyone else’s footage without their consent.

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