Sims 4: How to Install (& Play) The Extreme Violence Mod

With the Sims 4 Extreme Violence Mod, a new and bloody function has been added to the venerable life sim. Sims 4 is the most current console release in the franchise, allowing players to create characters and live out their own adventures. While the core game is constantly updated with new features, Although The Sims has a plethora of DLC expansion packs, many gamers turn to fan-made mods to create their own unique experience.

The Sims 4 has a large modding community, like many PC games. Mods for The Sims 4 might be as simple as adding new furniture or customizing characters, or as complex as adding new areas to explore or ways to interact with other Sims. To top it all off, the Extreme Violence Mod can be downloaded for free from the Internet.

In the Extreme Violence Mod, players of the Sims 4 have the ability to kill other sims in a variety of ways, such as by driving a car over them. There is more than just homicide on the menu in Extreme Violence. Like a thief, a robber, or even a smacker, players can conduct a criminal lifestyle. The mod, on the other hand, gives Sims the capacity to defend themselves.

What Is The Extreme Violence Mod For The Sims 4?

The Extreme Violence mod is one of the most famous mod packs from Sacrificial Mods, a major mod creator in The Sims 4 community. They’re best known for their mind-blowingly detailed and immersive mods that deal with zombie apocalypses, a fame system prior to Get Famous coming out, and various other large mods worth discovering.

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Extreme Violence deals with exactly what it promises: violence. Players should expect gruesome animations, new interactions, and loads of blood. Sims can now murder one another in various ways, engage in illegal activities and even deal with the police.

Adult gamers should exercise caution if they share their computer and/or game with younger audiences because this is not a mod for the faint of heart. Please check out Sacrificial Mod’s official website for a complete list of features.

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How To Install The Extreme Violence (Murder) Mod In Sims 4

The Extreme Violence mod also adds other new mechanics that make the game more interesting to play. For example, players can murder as many Sims as they want until the grim reaper beats the player up. Players can also clean up evidence after committing a murder, such as washing blood off or hiding bruises.

The mod also adds gangs that engage in turf wars in different neighborhoods. Players get the option to join one of two gangs, i.e., The Thotties or the HardWood gang. Subsequently, the mod also changes Police behavior in Sim 4. The police have been tweaked to deal appropriately with players who go on a murderous rampage.

To install the Extreme Violence Mod, players must first create a mod folder under the Electronic Arts file on their computer. This is the main file that houses all of the Sims information. If a player has already installed mods for the Sims 4, then this folder should already exist. Once the folder is created, download the Extreme Violence Mod directly from Sacrificial Mods. Players may need to unzip the file before it is usable unless the downloaded version is a script mod. It’s important to note that these files must not be in a subfolder otherwise the mod will not work.

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After the file is downloaded, launch the Sims 4 game, click on the Game Options menu, and select Other. Check off the Enable Mods and Custom Content box or, if it is a script mod, then check the Enable Script Mods box. Once that is done, all that is left to do is apply the settings and start playing. For players still having issues accessing the mod, YouTuber Simming Pothead offers a step-by-step tutorial.

The Extreme Violence Mod is a great addition to the game for longtime Sims fans. Giving players the chance to live out a life of crime, the mod adds a unique experience to the Sims 4 – an experience welcomed by many players.



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