How to Connect Apple Air Pods with A Mac Using Bluetooth

It’s clear that Apple intends for you to use AirPods and AirPods Pro with an iPhone, but you can actually connect them to a MacBook Pro and Apple will even provide guidance on how to do so.

It’s true that using AirPods with your iPhone 11 Pro while you go about your day is a fantastic experience. You get excellent audio quality, and Siri can help you get things done, such as adding reminders. Despite the fact that most of us wouldn’t be caught dead using a 16-inch MacBook Pro while strolling around town, many of us still carry them around with us, and the ability to sync AirPods with them would be a huge convenience.

While Apple makes it most convenient to link them to an iPhone, you can easily switch between iPhone and other devices, such as a MacBook Pro.

Your AirPods must be paired with your iPhone first. Connecting them to your Apple ID in this way will speed up the process considerably. These instructions will help you pair brand new AirPods with your iPhone.

How to Get Your I Phone Unlocked

how to connect airpods to macbook

  • Keep the phone and AirPods case close together.
  • Slide the latch open on the storage compartment for your AirPods.
  • Hang tight until the iPhone acknowledges them.
  • Connect your AirPods by following the on-screen prompts.

If you’ve been using your AirPods with a different device, the iPhone won’t recognise them. You need to reset the AirPods case to make it look like new.

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The Reset Button on The Side of Your Air Pods or Air Pods Pro Is a Tiny White Circle

Close the case after placing the AirPods inside. Press and hold the reset button for half a minute, then open the lid with the AirPods still inside. The charging indicator light is located on the front of the case, so please make sure you are holding it correctly.

The light turns amber after a brief delay. When that happens, place your iPhone next to the case containing your AirPods.

To illustrate, let’s assume that you’re using a MacBook Pro.

The AirPods will be available in the MacBook Pro’s speaker menu if both devices are signed in with the same Apple ID. If everything worked perfectly, all you’d have to do is select AirPods from the list of available devices when you click the speaker icon in the MacBook Pro’s menubar. Actually, that’s the case the vast majority of the time!

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Assuming It Doesn’t Work

how to connect airpods to macbook

This could be because you’re logged in to your MacBook Pro with a different Apple ID. If, after pairing your iPhone with your Mac, you still can’t see the AirPods displayed there, try establishing a new Bluetooth connection to them.

There are two ways to get things going here. To adjust Bluetooth settings, you can either click the Bluetooth menu item in your MacBook Pro’s menu bar and select Open Bluetooth Preferences, or you can access the menu item in System Preferences.

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There are no clear benefits to either method, but you might be using a menubar manager like Bartender 3, which might help you keep track of your options. In place of removing items from the menubar, this programme simply rearranges them so that the ones you use less frequently aren’t in the way.

In any case, you can still use Bartender 3 to do so, though doing so through System Preferences might be less of a hassle. In any case, the next procedures must be carried out immediately.

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Instructions for Pairing Air Pods with A Mac Book Pro Are Provided Below.

  • Engage Bluetooth
  • Slide the latch open on the storage compartment for your AirPods.
  • Close the case around both AirPods.
  • Close the lid and press and hold the reset button.
  • Hold off until the charging indicator turns white.
  • Select AirPods from the available gadgets on your MacBook Pro.

To Join, Just Click on The Link

It’s worth noting that you might have to redo the pairing process if you switch back to your iPhone. Keep in mind that Bluetooth isn’t the most dependable tech out there, so there may be occasions when trying to toggle between devices results in an error.

  • The use of external applications to remedy this situation is possible.
  • Indirect methods
  • ToothFairy was the first app to be released to help you switch your AirPods over to your Mac with ease. It’s a Mac app that costs $5.99 and improves connection speed and stability.
  • Many other options exist now, such as the developer-priced AirBuddy 2, which is a popular replacement.
  • The time and number of failed pairings are both reduced with the help of these apps.
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Unfortunately, they are not, and cannot, be a silver bullet for Bluetooth problems. Still, if you frequently trade out your electronic gadgets, you should give them a try, as they have advantages like the ability to swap devices with a single click using a service like ToothFairy.

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