How To Check Your Windows Computer Specs

Some softwares require specific hardware or software to run. Before investing hundreds of dollars on a software you need to know which version of the software will run on your computer, if it will run smoothly and all of that stuff. This is always the case for games and creative softwares. So you have to know the specs of your computer, wether or not its running a 32 bit or 64 bit version of windows.

They are two ways to check this and can be done the same way regardless of the version of windows your computer runs (Window 10, 8.1, 8 or 7) though you might have small variation in the steps, its basically the same. however, it’s just a few clicks (or touches) away.

The specs you need to look out for are

Processor speed


Graphics processor

Windows version

One Windows 10 and 7 the computer starts up and goes to the desktop without any further steps. If another program is open, use the keyboard combination Win+D to go to Desktop. On windows 8/8.1 When you’re in the Modern/Metro user interface (UI), find the icon that says “Desktop.”). Clicking on that brings up the traditional desktop.

Doing this gets you into the traditional desktop, which is similar to the Windows 7 UI. Now you need to opens Windows explore which can be found on the Taskbar which is at the bottom of the screen – the thin bar with the Windows logo at the bottom left, and icons representing any programs you have open, or have “pinned” to the taskbar. In that group should be a folder icon, click or press the folder. Or you could use the easy keyboard shortcut combination Win + E to open Windows Explorer
Once you do that, you’ll see a bunch of stuff on the left, with folders and other things you might not recognize.

What you want in this list is the “This PC” icon on windows 10/8.1/8 but says “My Computer” on Windows 7, which has a little monitor next to it. Left-click it once or touch it, to open it up.
Next, right click on the “This PC” icon; that will bring up a menu of items. “Properties” should be the item at the bottom of this list. Left-click the name to bring up the properties list.

The first category, at the top, is “Windows edition.” In my case, it’s Windows 10 Home Edition.

The second category is “System.” My processor is a “Intel(R) Atom(TM) x5-z8350” The main thing you have to note here is

1) An Intel processor, and not an AMD. AMDs are put in some systemsinstead of Intel processors, although they’re uncommon. For the most part, having an AMD processor shouldn’t result in many differences from an Intel processor

2) It’s an Atom processor. This is a low power processor. Its very power efficient and its mostly used in tablets and notebook computers. There are other types of Intel processors, called i-3, i-5, i-7 M and others. This information is mainly important if you want to know if your computer can handle certain programs. Some will need a higher level processor like the i-5 or i-7; others don’t need that much horsepower.

3) The processor speed. Here its a 1.44GHz and its written twice which means they are two cores, each with a 1.44GHz speed count. This means one core can process 1.44 Gb of information every second.

The next entry is “Installed memory (RAM):” RAM means “Random Access Memory,” and is important for computer speed — more is better. A typical computer these days comes with 4GB or 8GB. Mine is 2GB. As with the processor, certain programs may require a minimum amount of RAM.

Up next is “System type:” I have a 64-bit version of Windows 10. Most systems made today are 64-bit. The older type is 32-bit, and it’s important to know which kind you have, as this can definitely affect what programs you can use.

The last category is “Pen and Touch:” In my case, I have full touch support, which includes using a pen with it. A typical Windows 10 laptop will be touch-enabled, while a desktop typically will not.

The categories after that aren’t relevant to this article; they are primarily concerned with networking functionality.

Take a little time and get to know your computer specs; it will help you to know that information when considering what programs to buy, with troubleshooting when you have a problem, and in other ways.

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