How To Check Windows Computer Specs Using Windows DirectX Diagnostic Tool

The computer specs shown in this tutorial give a limited list of specs of your pc. Another way to get a more comprehensive list of your computer specs is to run the DirectX Diagnostic tool. Don’t let the name intimidate you. Its pretty easy to run and it shows a more comprehensive list of your computer specs.

At any point in your computer (you don’t have to be on the desktop mode for this to work). Type the keyboard shortcut combination Win+R to open the “run a command” window. In the text imput area, where there is a blinking cursor, type in the command you want to run which in this cas is “dxdiag”. Press the enter key or click on the “OK” button to run it. A small popup DirectX diagnostic window will pop up asking “do you want to know if your drivers are digitally signed….”

click yes to continue.

The DirectX diagnostic window will then appear. The computer specs here are divided into tabs “System” “Display” “Sound” and “input”. Our concern for now will be on system and display.

The system will show you more information about the processor, RAM etc as we have seen above.
The Display tab will show us the Graphic processor pecs of the computer. This is a special processor which calculates and produces graphics. Its very important for playing games and when working with creative software. The better it is the smother your gameplay will be if you are playing a game for example.
It is also valued in Ghz. Mine is valued at 1102 MB which is a little short of 1GB

Take a little time and get to know your computer specs; it will help you to know that information when considering what programs to buy, with troubleshooting when you have a problem, and in other ways.

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