How email management tame the inbox gone wild?

Professional communication is based on emails. Anything that is needed to be done is run by emails. However, they often overwhelm their users with frequent notifications and hassle. Thus, if you are looking to sort your emails then you have to opt for email management. The major goal of email management is inbox to zero.
Inbox Zero is the standard approach that a person has towards their email management. This needs to be done, if you are looking to have a productive work day. Most experts suggest that productivity decreases by 40% due to the time given to emails. In such a scenario, it is important to use email management softwares like Mailman that help in achieving inbox zero.

Advantages of email management

Email management is the need of the hour as professionals do receive a barrage of tasks and emails daily. Email management helps in organizing the inbox while increasing productivity.

  • Good time management

A good email management will help you to save your time. You do not have to waste your time and energy in sorting the emails. Email management softwares like Mailman help in utilizing the filter to categorize your emails.

  •  Keep it organized

Email management will help you to locate a particular email without much hassle. Apart from that, you can schedule a time slot to manage your email as that will help in keeping it organized. You can also add a task manager to your inbox to enable your workflow.

  •  Increased concentration

A good email management will increase your concentration level as well. Your inbox will no longer be a distraction as you can keep it aside and focus on the tasks at hand.

  •  Smooth workflow
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Email management can also enable a smooth workflow in your organization as you can have seamless communication between the employees. Good email management software will make sure that you do not have too many emails.

  •  Better efficiency

Good email management software leads to productivity which in turn leads to efficiency. You will be able to do the same task in a lesser amount of time because of good email management strategies.

3 Email Management Strategies

Many people find the possibility of taming their inbox impossible. However, with the right efforts inbox zero can be definitely achieved. Read on to find out some email management tips that are possible with or without tools like Mailman.

  •  Read and delete

You cannot stop the number of emails that you receive every day. Also, the temptation to look at them is unstoppable. However, the problem begins when you read the email and then choose to delay the task. This is when you have a huge pile of emails sitting in your inbox. So, the best way to tackle that is by:
 Reply to the email right away, if it is going to take a minute to reply.
If the reply requires a thoughtful response, then schedule it for the later part of the day and do it exactly at that time.
 The main idea behind these two steps is to divert your attention from those emails and help you to focus on the task on hand.
 Also, remember to delete the email or archive the email once you are done replying to it.

  •  Emails cannot be to-do lists
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Many people treat their inbox as a to-do list. However, that is a dangerous practice as a lot of studies show that professionals dedicate 28% of their time to emails. Although, if you are used to catering your emails as a to-do- list then try installing tools like Todoist. It is an add-on for Gmail that helps you to convert your emails in a to-do-list by converting them in to a one line task that can be catered later.    

  •  Schedule it on your calendar

You are guilty for spending a lot of time on your emails. However, you can avoid doing that and schedule a time on your calendar. This is recognized as a good email management practice as you can focus on the things that actually matter to you.


Emails can overwhelm you even if you practice inbox zero as you need to commit to this practice. The main idea is to live and work beyond your emails while taking help from the email management tools like Mailman. It is important to view email management software for what they really are, and that is a form of communication.  

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