How can you improve the security of custom lipstick boxes?

The cosmetic brands in the market produce various beauty products to provide a pleasant look to a person’s personality. The use of cosmetic products enhanced the features of a person’s body and face that they want prominent. So, the demand for cosmetic products is endless, but the most unforgettable makeup product is lipsticks. The companies do successful experiments and create different forms of quality lipsticks for their clients. But such sort of lipstick requires complete attention in packaging to give the grasping look of your products at retail outlet. So, the use of custom lipstick boxes is superb for packing your lipsticks. 

Why do lipstick brands need protective lipstick boxes?

Many brands don’t focus on lipstick presentation and use low-quality boxes to pack them. But the esthetic appearance of lipsticks is either matte, glossy, and semi-matte; you need to pack them in durable packaging lipstick boxes. In this regard, custom lipstick boxes are one of the best options that allow you to pick any sizes, material, designs, coatings, design patterns as per your wish. Furthermore, the use of these lipstick boxes gives a fabulous appearance and protection to your lipsticks with the material. Add to this; lipstick boxes offer some benefits that are explained below for you. 

  • Protect from unwanted noise 
  • Prevent from the dust 
  • Help in secure shipping and traveling 
  • Best for branding and marketing

Step to improve the protection of lipstick packaging

Now, it’s time to focus on finding steps that help you to improve custom lipstick packaging. It is mandatory due to providing a quality product and ease unboxing experiences. The points are enlisting below for you. 

Pick the thickest material for custom lipstick boxes

The use of the thickest material is required to secure your lipsticks from handling issues. Therefore, you can visit multiple lipstick packaging suppliers to find the best cardstock to fabricate the superlative lipstick boxes. Most of the brands offer to enlist cardstock for esthetic lipstick boxes. 

  • Cardboard for primary lipstick packaging 
  • Kraft for primary and secondary packaging 
  • Rigid for luxuries primary packaging 
  • Corrugated for tertiary lipstick packaging 

However, you can use 14pt, 18pt, 24pt for your lipstick boxes. From these ranges, 14pt is best for lightweight, 18 pt. for medium sizes thickness, and 24pt is heavy-duty and sturdier for packing products. 

Use of exact size of lipstick boxes 

If you really want to design secure lipstick boxes, then you would go for custom options. And pick the lipstick box size as per your demand. For the sake of, first, you measure the box’s length, width, and depth correctly. It must have enough space to place the product inside the lipstick box packaging, so you need to combine dimensions from ranges that are explained below for you. 

  • Height:1.75”-20”
  • Width: 0.75”-20”
  • Length:0.75”-30”

If your lipstick plastic and metal holders have large or mini sizes, then you can customize the sizes according to the demand. 

Apply the layer of lamination on lipstick packaging 

Lamination is the procedure of smearing a very thin plastic film known as polypropylene. It superbly works to protect your printing materials and ink from vanishing. As well as it protects your candles from cracks and creases, especially when you apply on thicker cardstock as compare to the thinner cardstocks. So, protect your custom printed lipstick boxes by using laminations. 

Use of cardboard partitions 

Sometimes cosmetic brands introduce kits of lipsticks with 4 and 6 lipsticks. So, if they pack all lipsticks in one box, then obviously all pieces are broken down due to collision in the shipping process. At that time, the use of cardboard inserts, partitions, and dividers are best. However, many brands use plastic trays, fence partitions, and punch partitions to present their lipsticks in front of the target audiences. But if we can see the shipment of lipsticks, plastic and cardboard partitions are the best option for you. 


Place your lipsticks in the Eva Foam tray in the box 

Many large-scale brands turn their head to choosing the Eva foam for lipstick boxes. Eva foam mostly chooses for custom liquid lipstick packaging because it fills in glass bottles that quickly damage any harmful situations. Such Eva foam is available in black, grey, and gunmetal shades for you, so you can pick one as per your choice. 

Forget to use premade lipstick boxes and go for customization 

As a brand owner, it is all up to choose the right options for your brand according to your budget. Many brands consider that premade boxes are cheap and affordable, but in reality, it is totally against it. Instead of premade packaging, the use of custom lipstick packaging boxes is quite beneficial for your brand growth. Next to this, such boxes serve branding and marketing purposes to boost your brand traffic as well as sales revenue. Also, you are capable of saving lots of extra cost for advertisement so, make wise decisions and chose custom lipstick boxes as compared to premade boxes. 

Print all security instructions on the lipstick cartons 

You can print security instructions that enhance the knowledge of your customers regarding storing lipsticks. For example, you can print on your custom printed lipstick boxes “place your lipsticks at room temperature” and “if you feel irritation on your lips, kindly visit your nearest doctor.” Add to this; brands use taglines and slogans on the lipstick boxes to communicate with your audiences. 

Mention brand Est. date, MFG, and Expiry date on the lipstick case 

In recent times, every person read your product packaging before buying them. So, make your boxes informative by printing your brand specification and product features. For this purpose, your lipstick packaging boxes must have MFG date, expiry date, Est. Date, ingredients, and shades that you offer. All these chunks work to make customers aware of how long your brand is in the industry and stable their place in people’s hearts. So, it means the new buyers easily purchase loveliness lipsticks to enhance their personality features. In addition, the MFG date and expiry date explain the shelf life of your products and for which duration you can use them. Hence, it provides benefits to your customers as well as your brand. 

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Go for eco-friendly and organic ways of packaging 

To face the challenges of recent times, brands use nature-friendly packaging solutions that are not harmful to our clients. In addition to this, cardboard Kraft, rigid and corrugated all material is recyclable, biodegradable, and nature-friendly for our environment. Kraft lipstick boxes are the complete eco-friendly lipstick boxes for your business. Add to this, you can use organic bags, and small sizes sacks to pack their lipsticks in primary packaging. 

Ending words 

The aforementioned discussion is quite to explain how to improve the durability of your lipstick boxes to securely ship your products to the customer’s doorstep. Also, it explains why lipstick brands need to use custom lipstick boxes instead of premade boxes. So, you can use eco-friendly cardstock, apply laminations, and choose the exact size of lipstick boxes. Also, you must print the expiry, MFG, and brand establishment date on the lipstick to clear their authentication. The use of lamination and coatings is also protecting your lipsticks from moisture and humidity. Now you are able to make elegant and secure lipstick boxes. 

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