Here’s how Apple shot an entire event on the iPhone 15 Pro

Although Apple’s Scary Fast event may not have been the company’s most captivating keynote, the last slide of the presentation truly had everyone excited. According to Apple, the entire event was captured on an iPhone 15 Pro, and all editing was done on a Mac.

Although it’s not shocking to hear that a presentation was edited on a Mac, it was fascinating to learn that Apple captured the entire event using the iPhone 15 Pro. The complete movie, including some behind-the-scenes footage, leaked on X during the night, but Cupertino has now uploaded the method of filming the Apple event on its newest iPhone model to YouTube.

This is how the video is described:

View an image from an Apple Event taken with an iPhone 15 Pro. The group behind the scenes conducts the interviews. The director uses the iPhone 15 Pro like a true professional camera, producing stunning low light shots. Experts in professional workflow cite three factors that are supercharging video on the iPhone 15 Pro: USB-C, Apple Log, and ProRes. Renowned colorist Stefan Sonnenfeld describes how having more creative flexibility thanks to the footage. The editor also discusses smoothly realizing the vision.

As you can see, the firm was able to record everything in a manner that made it appear like another of its excellent Apple events because of USB-C, ProRes, and the new Apple Log. Naturally, the company uses more than just the iPhone; gimbals, professional lights, and other attachments have been employed. Still, the amount of footage this phone can record is pretty amazing.

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Olivia Rodrigo’s song video, which was likewise shot only with the iPhone 15 Pro Max, experienced a similar situation. In contrast to a subpar music video featuring Lady Gaga on the iPhone 11, Apple truly excelled by fusing external drive capability with log recording on the new iPhone.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video below to see what Apple revealed at their Scary Fast event, along with all the news that was revealed.

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