Head of R&D at Filament Health Announces Reddit AMA to Discuss Psychedelic Research Findings

Ryan Moss, head of R&D at psychedelic health company Filament Health, will take to Reddit this week to discuss his career and findings. Industry professionals and psychedelic fans alike will get the chance to pose questions to Moss over the span of a few hours on this Sunday on r/IAmA. Moss brings over a decade of experience at the forefront of psychoactive mushroom extraction and manufacturing, including his current role at Filament Health.

Filament health is the world’s leading exclusively natural psychedelic drug discovery and extraction technology company. Filament’s mission, as per their website, is to get safe, natural psychedelics into the hands of everyone who needs them, as soon as possible, by doing the hard extraction and drug discovery science to unlock their healing potential.

This comes at just the right time with psychedelic regulations beginning to open up around the world. After decades of prohibition and suppressed research, the healing properties of psychedelics are finally beginning to come into the light. This has created a renaissance in which experienced scientists such as Ryan Moss are now leading the newly burgeoning industry. 

According to professionals such as Moss, there are hundreds of plants containing never-before-seen compounds that could potentially have life-saving properties. Now, companies like Filament Health have gotten to work, extracting, purifying, and standardizing natural compounds in order to bring these vast untapped benefits to the world. 

However, what sets Filament Health apart is its commitment to all things natural. While many other companies in the space use synthetic compounds, Filament is focused on maintaining the same conditions that are found in nature. In doing so, they are able to bypass any of the harmful synthetic chemicals or residues that can be created by other methods. 

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Filament believes extractions from naturally occurring psychedelic plants are the path to reaching the most people in need. Filament’s work will include protecting and increasing the global reserves of psychedelic plants by growing them in controlled environments and producing them regeneratively where they occur in nature.

To find out more, tune in to Ryan Moss’s “Ask Me Anything” this Sunday to learn about his decades of research and work at Filament. 

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