Google Pixel 6 event: rumors, news, and announcements

Google may have already announced the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, but it looks like the company may still have a few more surprises in store for us — or at least a few more details. Despite announcing the new phones earlier this year, the tech giant will hold a virtual Pixel event on October 19th at 1PM ET / 10AM PT.

During the “Pixel Fall Launch” event, we anticipate we’ll learn more about the new phones and their respective specs. The company may also announce a new subscription bundle called “Pixel Pass,” which would add an extended warranty and premium subscriptions to Google services like YouTube to the new Pixel phones. We expect Google will explore the Pixel 6’s new Tensor SoC chipset in more detail, too, much of which still remains a mystery. Reports indicate that Google’s first in-house chip consists of a combination of new cores and weaker old ones — an unusual design choice we may finally understand.

Other event highlights are less certain. Could we get a glimpse of Google’s first folding Pixel phone, the Pixel Fold? Possibly. After a mid-2020 leak suggested the company may release it in late 2021, a more recent report indicates Samsung will start producing folding OLED panels this month for the new device.

Earlier this month, Google also said Android 12 will roll out to Pixel devices in the “next few weeks,” so there’s a possibility the company will provide details as to when we can expect the design-focused update to roll out to Pixel devices.

Regardless of what’s announced, however, we’ll be watching the virtual event live, so check this page for the latest announcements as they’re revealed.

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