Google Buys Eyefluence for VR and AR Headsets!

Google’s acquisition of Eyefluence indicates that it is interested in immersive technologies.

The Eyefluence is an eye-tracking business for virtual and augmented reality headsets, and it was established in 2013 by serial entrepreneurs Jim Marggraff and David Stiehr. The company creates eye-interaction technology for VR and AR headsets.

According to Eyefluence, communication might happen as quickly as one can see and purpose could be converted into action with just the eyes.

The business claimed in announcing the transaction on Tuesday that by joining forces with Google, they can continue to advance eye-interaction technology, which has the potential to significantly increase human potential and empathy.

Google Buys Eyefluence for VR and AR Headsets!

The search engine giant debuted its Cardboard smartphone VR visor in the middle of 2014, followed by the Daydream View VR headset in October. Google is reportedly developing a premium VR headset, it has been learned.

The new agreement might imply that Google incorporates Eyefluence technology into its VR and AR products and concurrently permits both publishers and third-party developers to use it as a component of the Google UI toolkit.

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Lewis Ward, the IDC research director for gaming and VR/AR, asks how the eye can operate VR and AR devices as well as the potential use of the double-click. Long looks might do that, but are they actually doing that?

Before drawing any conclusions, let’s wait and watch how they develop. To share your own opinions with us and other readers, use the comment section below.

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