Getting Rid of Connection-Is-Not-Private Errors

Every day, Kinsta assists thousands of WordPress sites, so we’ve seen just about every mistake imaginable. From browser/TLS difficulties to database connection errors to the “white screen of death,” every conceivable browser/IT fault is here.

For the average WordPress user, some of them can be plain annoying and even dangerous. You can lose money because your website is down for maintenance or because of any other problem. It’s also possible that your computer’s browser is broken and needs to be updated.

For What Reason Do You Get the “your Connection Is Not Private” Message?

Getting Rid of Connection-Is-Not-Private Errors


Only HTTPS-enabled websites will not display the “your connection is not private” warning (or should be running over HTTPS). Any time you go to a website, your browser makes a request to the server that houses the site.

The browser must then verify the site’s installed certificate to make sure it complies with modern security requirements. The TLS handshake, validating the certificate against the CA and decrypting the certificate also take place.

The browser will try to block access to the site if it determines that the certificate is invalid. Browsers incorporate this security measure for user convenience. It’s not safe to use the site if the certificate wasn’t properly installed, as it wouldn’t encrypt any information (especially those with logins or that process payment information).

There will be an error message displayed instead of the site, stating something like “your connection is not private.”

Error Messages that Indicate that Your Link Is Not Secure

Getting Rid of Connection-Is-Not-Private Errors

Many factors, including the user’s browser, OS, and server certificate setup, can cause this error. Some of these issues may have somewhat different meanings, but in most cases, the troubleshooting procedures will be the same.

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Kinsta has spoiled me to the point where I expect the same high-quality service from all of my providers. Our goal is to provide the same quality of service for our SaaS tools.

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Chrome Does Not Provide Secure Connections

If Chrome cannot validate the certificate, the user will receive the message “your connection is not private” (as seen below). could be the target of an attack designed to steal your personal information (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards).

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