Garena Free Fire Holi Event Round Two Live: Know Details, Rewards

Free Fire always comes up with a unique style to celebrate every festival. As expected, creators are preparing for the commencement of the big Indian festival, Holi. To celebrate this occasion, Free Fire has arranged several in-game events. The Holi event is divided into 3 stages: “Fight For Colours”, ”Your True Colour”, and “Restore The Colours”.

The “Fight For Colours” event is presently underway and will end on March 29th. In this article, we will share some information regarding the “Restore The Colours” event where players can get a chance to win exclusive rewards for free.

The Holi event, ‘Fight For Colours,’ is currently underway and will conclude on March 29th. However, the event is divided into three stages: “Your True Colour,” “Restore The Colours,” and “Fight For Colours.”

Garena Free Fire Holi Event

Free Fire franchise has rolled out the first stage of the event for the players starting today. Stage one will go on until March 29. In this stage, the players will be supposed to locate the demoness’ residing place. All the available exploration tracks are marked on the in-game map with various colours. All the players who will complete this stage will be awarded the Punkster Runner Bundle, a character level 8 card, an awakening shard, and a custom room card. In the second stage of the event, gamers will be supposed to go through a personality test. The test will consist of a simple set of questions that will determine the playing style of individuals and then it will showcase the true character of your colours. Gamers will be required to collect a full set of 10 colours to restore themselves to the Free Fire world. After completing this round, all the players will get a Cyber Bunnies skyboard and One-Finger Push-up emote.

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Restore The Colours” Event in Free Fire

As we already know that Holi event is divided into 3 interconnected stages. Therefore, you can’t reach the next stage “ Restore the Colours” until you clear the first one i.e. ”Your True Colour” event.

For the first stage, you will be invited to join the “Your True Colour” event. Answer a series of multiple-choice questions to determine your true colours. As you complete the questionnaire, you will receive three tokens of your true colour.

”Your True Colour” event begins by taking a personality test of players. The test will include questions regarding their playing style, making friends reveal their true colours This colour will represent the player in the final colour collection. After completing the questionnaire, you will receive your true colour along with three tokens of the same colour.

In stage 2- the “Restore the Colours” event, players need to collect coloured paints from after-match drops. Moreover, they also have to exchange any duplicated colours with friends and collect a full set of 10 colours in the colour bank to restore them to Free Fire.

However, to win more rewards in the Holi event, players have to collect more and more colours. The more colours you have, the bigger the rewards. Also, tap on the “ Share Colours” to exclude and share colours with your friends to speed up the process.

List of rewards for the “Restore the Colours” event:

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Other Updates

The Free Fire franchise is also planning to launch a new web series with a brand new music video. The web series is expected to have three episodes that will follow a group of players that came together via Free Fire and how their friendship got stronger. You can see the first episode of the web series on the official YouTube channel of the franchise. The music video based on the web series will be introduced on March 28 which will be followed by a grand in-game celebration.

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