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The digitally advanced world has now come up with ways not just to share content online via email but also through digital ways like social networks. 
Now, as our lives are partially dependent on digital ways, so it is mandatory to have online copyright laws, and every entrepreneur and business owner should be aware of this law.  
As you scroll down and read more, you would be very familiar with what DMCA free VPS is and every minute details about it- 

What is DMCA? 

DCMA from DCMA free VPS stands for “Digital Millennium Copyright Act,” the act which was in the US in the year 1998 for keeping into notice the law for Digital Usage.
It makes the physical servers divide into different virtual desktops, making them an independent virtual private server from one another to work. 
In short, every VPS comes with its own operating system and resource allocation, such as disc space, CPU, and RAM. 
Hence, at a low cost, you get the services of a dedicated server

Knowing DMCA free VPS from the core 

It may be difficult for you to understand the technicalities of the concept of virtual server hosting; following these steps, you will get to know about what makes its features to choose it over others- 

  1. Let’s assume a web server and agated society as similar.
  2. Now divideall the houses into private, secure, and inaccessible to others. Just the same, an entire server can be divided into smaller and personal VPS with the same features. 
  3. Simultaneously, an entire server can be given to a massive and single hosting account. 
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When spoken about the shared hosting it like that of competing for common area, playing ground and other amenities. 
Still, in VPS hosting, you get access to all only for your use. 

The role that DMCA plays in this digital era

Dmca would act against any measures that would be taken to override the access to copyright materials are of a criminal offense. 
Also, if there are no copyright infringements and any person tries to circumvent the access control, it would also be considered a criminal offense. It also increases the penalty for copyright infringement on the World Wide Web.

Reasons why DMCA is controversial 

  • Strictpenalties for menial crimes 

There is always copyright to the original master of the work. So, if someone tries to tamper with that right and download files, music, movies, or other illegal files from the internet, it would lead to a huge penalty as these activities are termed to be illegal and offensive.

  • Rules that are very rigid 

DCMA rules are very stringent and restricting. The laws are always very old-school, and that surely does not fit into today’s digital world. 
Let us take the instance of meme-making. Having copyright of them is a nightmare? Isn’t it? In today’s age of electronic media, a single picture has innumerable variations of memes.
So, who is the owner of the meme? Does the owner need to pay an amount to the owner of the photographer or the media owner?
But again, the meme owner has created something very innovative, isn’t so? The questions to this are endless and never-ending.

  • The right that the owner has over their property 
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Let us take an instance that you are purchasing a DVD or Blu-ray of the newly released movie from the store. Now, you have no right to copy the content or burn or destroy the DVD, not even for your personal use. 
All the DVDs are encrypted with DRM Coding, which prevents copying acts, and anyone found violating these rules would be proved guilty under DCMA free VPS. 
Jailbreaking gaming consoles, phones, and other devices have got the extension of this law. 

Pros of using DMCA free VPS

Providing the benefit of shared hosting along with the performance of dedicated hosting, DCMA Free VPS comes with many pros compared to very few cons.

  • You can set up your VPS server very fast. 
  • You can modify and install VPS software as per your suitability.
  • As the server permission gets increased, you will find better control over it. 
  • It is very easy to remove or publish sites from your control panel. 
  • Despite sharing servers with other VPS users, all the account runs independently, and it makes it inaccessible for a VPS neighbor to view or interrupt yours.
  • At the cost of server hardware, you will have the benefits of dedicated software.

Cons of using DMCA free VPS

Some major drawbacks that it has been- 

  • As you get more resources in the plan, the hosting price also increases, as compared to shared hosting prices.
  • If you go for an unmanaged VPS, you should have a piece of thorough knowledge about servers and server administrations. 
  • You will probably commit a mistake if you choose an unmanaged VPS and are not familiar with command lines.
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Why is DCMA free VPS best for your business? 

As the internet has taken the most part of our lives, people have uploaded billions of gigabytes in the form of games, movies, music, and many more. 
To protect your data from all unauthorized digital acts, DCMA (Digital Copyright Millennium Act) comes into play. 
It protects the creator’s works from being copied, tampered with, ordistorted. DMCA free VPS gives you an easy process for removing a legally protected work from any website. 
If you find any content request that needs to be removed from DCMA, choosing a DMCA free VPS hosting would be the best option. 


It is handy to use shared hosting for smaller websites as they have few pages and low page views. But pages with million-page views need features of a dedicated server. 
DMCA free VPS is the ideal one for small to medium business and sites that has some regular and good amount of traffic. 
Also, if your business is at the peak, you can take advantage of the stability of the services. 
It is better to have a safe, secured DMCA free VPS for upgrading your business. 

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