Evo Fox Game Box and Elite Ops Wireless Gamepad, Family Gaming

Playing your material and getting web streaming onto the television required purchasing an Android box long before FireTV and Google Chromecast turned into common household items in India. Amkette successfully accomplished this in India with their constantly improving EvoTV line of devices.

Knowing that its original purpose was unfounded, the EvoTV has since changed into the EvoFox Game Box 2022, a cheap gaming system that comes with a gamepad and an air remote in case you ever need to use it as a smart box for your television.

The EvoFox Game Box is a comprehensive gaming setup with an Android smart box that includes access to the Google Play store in case you need to quickly add more games. According to what you want to accomplish on your big screen, you can download any app you want, from Netflix to Vimeo.

Evo Fox Game Box and Elite Ops Wireless Gamepad, Family Gaming

It’s interesting to note that the Air Remote, one of the original EvoTV’s most novel features, has a 2022 avatar as well, which makes using the majority of this gadget rather simple. It is still tedious to type account IDs and passwords, so you might want to add a little keyboard if this is a critical use case.

The Game Box contains a specialized 3D graphics processor, 4GB of RAM, and 32GB of internal storage and is powered by a 64-bit quad-core processor. There is an RJ45 socket at the back in case you are close to a modem, in addition to the obvious WiFi connection option.

There are also two USB-A connections, which can be used for the wireless gamepad or the remote, and an HDMI port for connecting to the TV. If possible, I would have wanted an additional USB connector so I could use the remote and both gamepads. I liked how the box has a pink LED light up front that gives it a very gaming-like atmosphere.

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Evo Fox Game Box and Elite Ops Wireless Gamepad, Family Gaming

The EvoFox Game Box is really simple to use once you connect it with your Google account, just like any other Android product. The Google log-in is interestingly not actually required because this comes packed with a bunch of games, which I appreciated because I have an 11-year-old at home.

There is no learning curve and the UI is simple to use. I was a little perplexed by the preloaded retro games part, though, as it is a mishmash of files and long-forgotten prompts. Additionally, the back button occasionally stops functioning, so I had to continually remember to press Main to return to the home screen.

Numerous preloaded games are available, including some well-known titles like Badlands and Daytona racing. Being familiar with the genre, I spent a lot of time playing Asphalt and Daytona Racing. I’ve never enjoyed shooter games or had the mental capacity to recall game stories. To put it lightly, it was exciting to play a demanding game like Asphalt 8 on a 65-inch screen.

Even with the enormous screen, I had at home, the EvoFox Game Box made sure the graphics were 4K resolution and kept up with the games without lag or ghosting. Usually, I had to wait a little while for the screen to update because of the slowness in the user interface.

Both aspiring gamers, like my son, and experienced professionals will enjoy this setup thanks to the EvoFox Elite Ops Wireless Gamepad that is included in the box. As soon as you insert the USB dongle into the game box, it begins to play right away. It features everything, including pressure-sensitive action buttons, a turbo button, and 3D 360-degree analog joysticks.

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I adored the gamepad’s grip and the button feedback for the games I played. However, as I am not very skilled at gaming, I had to rely on my son’s comments. He really enjoyed using this and was trying to figure out how to connect it to his Nintendo Gameboy. In actuality, every platform that accepts the USB dongle is compatible with the EvoFox Elite Ops Wireless Gamepad.

Along with the games, the EvoFox Game Box also has OTT apps like Sony Liv and Hotstar, and you can use the Kodi client to access your saved media files. Additionally, you can utilize Bluetooth to set up a soundbar that essentially ups the ante. All of these operate flawlessly.

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